Certification & Training (CCWP & SOW)

Certified Contingent Workforce Professional (CCWP)

Staffing Industry Analysts (SIA) offers one-of-a-kind accreditation programs designed for all professionals managing corporate contingent staffing. Whether you are in HR or Procurement, an MSP or VMS provider or manage contingent workforce programs, SIA provides you with two unique accreditations that will elevate your career to the next level.

During the 2-day intensive instructor led class, participants will be led through a series of lectures, training exercises, quizzes and scenarios in preparation for the exam.  We keep the class size small to facilitate collaboration and engagement.

Certified Contingent Workforce Professional

Participating in CCWP Certification assesses and expands your level of expertise to promote your personal brand in the industry.

Becoming certified provides you with a recognized status as an elite CW program management professional who understands how to design, implement and manage a successful contingent workforce strategy, from best practices in your CW program to implementing a new program or executing changes to the current program and effectively engaging cost management strategies, to help measure, analyze and drive your program performance.

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SOW Management Expert
(In-person Class Schedule)

November 21-22, 2019
London, UK


North America



October 22-23, 2019
London, UK

November 6-7, 2019
Seattle, WA


North America

Outside North America

CCWP Statement of Work (SOW) Management Expert

Take a deep dive into one of the largest growing areas of contingent program management: Statement of Work. Some of the most valued skills a CW program can bring to a Statement of Work (SOW) management initiative are risk mitigation, cost management/governance, supplier management and talent engagement tracking. The CCWP SOW Management Expert Program covers best practices and provides you with strategies to control costs and enhance project/services engagement quality. The certification will further test your comprehension of managing SOW engagements within your program.

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Can't make an in-person class?

SIA offers you the chance to become CCWP accredited by providing maximum flexibility with your schedule through our online CCWP and SOW classes. The online class accesses the same materials as the in-person class enabling you to work at your own pace. You can also choose to take the exam to become certified or just the class for training.

Continuing Education

Maintain your CCWP credential through ongoing participation in professional education events and knowledge investments. The CCWP & CCWP SOW Expert Management certification is valid for three years. In order to maintain your certification, 24 Continuing Education Units (CEUs) must be earned during the three year certification time frame.

Learn how to maintain your CCWP certification.


CCWP CE Credit Bar - 1905

CE Fact Sheet [PDF - 219K]  |  CEU Submittal Form

Successfully completing both programs creates a level of designation that only a select few can call their own. When all is said and done, CCWP is fast becoming the industry standard and for some large enterprise companies, a job requirement. It unifies a common language, draws a road map for your continuous improvement within your own program and puts you in front as an industry leader. Take the course, pass the test and get certified.

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Contingent Workforce Risk Management Workshop

This two-day workshop focuses on the unique challenges confronting today’s enterprises in the 21st century gig economy and is your opportunity to collaborate and come away with actionable contingent risk mitigation and management strategies that will ensure your firm is safe of risk.

Find out more and register here.