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Staffing Industry Analysts Certified Contingent Workforce Professional (CCWP) is an accreditation program designed for HR, procurement, MSP solution providers and others who manage corporate contingent staffing.

The CCWP Certification assesses and expands the level of expertise of participants to create an elite brand of CW program management professionals. To become certified, participants need to demonstrate knowledge of contingent workforce management best practices by taking a class and passing a rigorous certification exam.

Successfully completing the program creates a level of designation that only a select few can call their own.


Training in contingent workforce program management provides the skills and knowledge that will translate into success for your career and your company. Enhance your expertise and be known as the expert in the room.

CCWP training uses the same materials as the CCWP certification. Training does not require you to take the certification exam.

For certification and training, choose either an in-person or online class. For more information or if you are ready to register now, click one of the options on the right.

In-Person or Online Classes

Choose between a 2-day in-person or online class for certification or training. During the 2-day intensive instructor led class, participants will be led through a series of lectures, training exercises, quizzes and scenarios in preparation for the exam.  We keep the class size small to facilitate collaboration and engagement. The online class accesses the same content and materials as the in-person class. The online class provides maximum flexibility with your schedule and enables you to learn at your own pace.

Global Reach

The CCWP program has expanded to Europe and APAC with best practices and industry-leading tools tailored specifically towards contingent workforce program managers across these regions.

Continuing Education

Maintain your CCWP credential through ongoing participation in professional education events and knowledge investments. The CCWP certification is valid for three years. In order to maintain your certification, 24 Continuing Education Units (CEUs) must be earned during the three year certification time frame.

CCWP CE Credit Bar - 1905

CE Fact Sheet [PDF - 219K]  |  CEU Submittal Form

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