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Website development among fastest-growing jobs on Freelancer.com platform

October 01, 2018

Online staffing firm Freelancer.com reported jobs involving website development and internet applications rank among the fastest-growing jobs on its platform, according to Freelancer.com’s quarterly report. The report also said social media-related jobs and creative skills surged sharply in popularity.

Freelancer.com based its report on an analysis of nearly 500,000 jobs posted in the third quarter.

React.js, the open-source JavaScript library often employed to develop user interfaces for mobile applications or single page applications on the web, ranked second in terms of growth during the quarter.

In addition, ASP, which stands for “active server pages” and topped the Fast 50 in the prior quarter’s report, ranked third and appears to show no sign of slowing, according to Freelancer.com. ASP is an older technology usually run on a Microsoft web server that allows web developers to create more dynamic and interactive websites.

Marketing jobs posted during the quarter well exceeded the social networking jobs posted during the period, reflecting the broader popularity of Facebook marketing as a job category. Creative jobs involving digital tools such as Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator editors were also among the faster-growing broad skills areas on the marketplace during the quarter.

On the flip side, jobs involving mathematical skills have seen a sharp swing downward.

The top-10 fastest-growing jobs of Q3 2018 and the quarter over quarter growth:

  1. Copy typing: 27.21%
  2. React.js: 25.73%
  3. ASP: 21.75%
  4. Adobe Flash: 19.54%
  5. Word: 17.01%
  6. Data processing: 16.99%
  7. Social networking: 16.90%
  8. Facebook marketing: 15.05%
  9. Illustrator: 13.74%
  10. node.js: 12.70%

The 10 jobs with the most contraction over the quarter:

  1. Matlab and Mathematica: -34.16%
  2. R programming language: -31.98%
  3. Mathematics: -31.17%
  4. Report writing: -31.15%
  5. Academic writing: -28.66%
  6. Algorithm: -27.85%
  7. Statistical analysis: -26.30%
  8. Statistics: -25.82%
  9. Engineering: -24.99%
  10. Windows desktop: -24.23%


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