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Temp workers mostly want full-time work, see temp jobs as path to perm: SIA research

June 18, 2018

More than three-quarters of temporary workers prefer full-time work, according to a Staffing Industry Analysts survey of temporary workers. Temporary workers were asked, “What is your preferred work status?” Forty-four percent chose full-time work on a salaried basis while 34% cited full-time work on an hourly basis.

Only 6% said they preferred temporary work through a staffing agency; however, the report noted that share may be understated due to the wording of the question, because temporary jobs can also be “full-time.”

“Temporary workers don’t see temp jobs as an end in itself but rather as a bridge to permanent work, either through temp-to-arrangements, gaining skills through temp jobs, or as a means of paying the bills until they can find permanent work,” said VP Strategic Research Jon Osborne, author of the report.

Two groups noted relatively strong interest in temporary agency work: It was the preferred form of employment for 25% of healthcare temporary workers and 15% of workers age 56 and older.

Although temporary workers do not typically see temporary work as their ideal form of employment, nearly two-thirds of respondents, 61%, said they would be open to another temporary assignment at the end of their current assignment. Another 28% said they might be open to another assignment while only 11% ruled out another temporary assignment altogether.

The insight report, “North America Temporary Worker Survey 2018: What kind of work do temporary workers really want? Why do they temp?” is based on a survey of 3,975 temporary workers from 37 staffing firms conducted in late 2017. The full report is available online to SIA members.


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