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Report finds 60% of college grads open to temp positions

August 31, 2016

Recent graduates are flexible when it comes to the type of position they are looking for, according to staffing firm LaSalle Network’s white paper, “What the Class of 2016 Wants,” which includes a survey of recent and soon-to-be college graduates.

The survey found 60% of respondents were open to taking some form of a temporary role. However, of those open to temporary work, 39% said they would only consider temporary-to-permanent positions.

“The millennial generation’s willingness to take on temporary roles could signal a bigger shift in attitudes towards temporary work, and it could stem from the sharp rise of the ‘sharing’ or ‘gig’ economy: 22% of Americans are part of this new work­force, and half of them are between the ages of 18 and 34,” the report stated. “Millennials may think temporary work includes driving for Uber, delivering for Instacart or working for TaskRabbit.  And if that work is the norm, then why not a temporary position instead of a permanent one right out of college?”

The survey also asked recent grads what they are looking for in a position. Responses include:

  • Opportunities for growth: 22%
  • Work/life balance: 21%
  • Training and development: 19%
  • Challenging work: 17%
  • Autonomy: 14%
  • Ability to work remote: 11%

“There is a stereotype about millennials wanting to work from home and many employers don’t understand what it takes to truly motivate this group,” said Tom Gimbel, founder and CEO of LaSalle Network. “This report shows what the graduating class is looking for in a role and a company.”

According to the report, college grads start looking for jobs early: 70% of unemployed recent grads began their search three months or more prior to graduation, and 63% of employed grads began their search three months or more prior to graduation. They also don’t have realistic salary expectations. Forty-two percent of recent graduates surveyed are making less money than they had expected and only 25% of survey respondents are making more money than they had expected in their current positions.

LaSalle Network, in spring of 2016, surveyed 13,000 recent and soon-to-be college graduates on their job-search process. The report highlights the survey and findings, as well as research from various top publications and reports.


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