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Pittsburgh ranks as top city for jobs based on hiring, other factors: Glassdoor

October 17, 2018

Pittsburgh, St. Louis and Indianapolis rank as the best cities for jobs, according to data released today from Glassdoor. 

This list is compiled by ranking US metros with the highest Glassdoor City Score (out of 5), determined by weighing three factors equally: how easy it is to get a job (hiring opportunity), how affordable it is to live there (cost of living), and how satisfied employees are working there (job satisfaction).

The top 10 cities on the list:

  1. Pittsburgh: Score 4.7; Hot jobs: Financial advisor, registered nurse, warehouse associate
  2. St. Louis: Score 4.3; Hot jobs: Cloud engineer, business analyst, insurance agent
  3. Indianapolis: Score 4.3; Hot jobs: Mechanical engineer, marketing manager, truck driver
  4. Cincinnati: Score 4.2; Hot jobs: Account executive, software engineer, sales associate
  5. Hartford, Conn.: Score 4.2; Hot jobs: Electrical engineer, teacher, maintenance technician
  6. Boston: Score 4.2; Hot jobs: Software engineer, project manager, administrative assistant
  7. Memphis, Tenn.: Score 4.2; Hot jobs: Product manager, account executive, restaurant manager
  8. Raleigh, NC: Score 4.2; Hot jobs: Registered nurse, research associate, business analyst
  9. Cleveland: Score 4.2; Hot jobs: Java engineer, consultant, store manager
  10. Detroit: Score 4.1; Hot jobs: Manufacturing engineer, data scientist, auto technician

This year’s list has four cities that did not rank on the 2017 list: Boston, Philadelphia, Richmond and San Francisco. The state with the most cities represented among the top 25 is Ohio with Cleveland, Cincinnati and Columbus — while Missouri, Pennsylvania and North Carolina are each represented with two cities on this year's list.

However, several of the country's hot technology and finance hubs, including New York City, Los Angeles and San Jose, did not crack the top 25, primarily due to the high cost of living in those areas.

“In today’s labor market, highly skilled job seekers are in an incredible position to find top jobs no matter where they live,” Glassdoor Economic Research Analyst Amanda Stansell said. “But, the popularity of many major metropolitan hubs might be overshadowing the potential benefits of several midsize cities like Pittsburgh and Indianapolis.”


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