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Online content creation among Freelancer.com’s fastest-growing job areas in 2018

January 16, 2019

Online staffing firm Freelancer.com reported jobs involving online content creation rank among the fastest-growing jobs on its platform in 2018, according to a special edition of its quarterly report.

Freelancer.com based its latest Fast 50 Report on an analysis of nearly two million jobs posted on its site in 2018.

Both the first quarter and the final quarter of the year were dominated by growth in jobs focused on the creation of websites and the content that populates them, according to the report. A surge in content-heavy jobs during the first three months of 2018 and again in the three months ending December 2018 saw the popularity of skills in writing, design and animation on the Freelancer.com marketplace rise dramatically.

On the flip side, jobs in other software development areas decreased in popularity over the year. A major marker of this trend was the software development job category, which fell by 70.7% in 2018. The app designer category also experienced a 70.7% year-over-year decrease; app developer jobs fell by 66.1% during the year.

The top-10 fastest-growing jobs in 2018 and the year-over-year growth:

  1. Writing: 535.7%
  2. API (application programming interface): 352.4%
  3. Blockchain: 300.8%
  4. Academic writing: 205.7%
  5. 2D animation: 167.6%
  6. Social media management: 157.4%
  7. Blog writing: 146.6%
  8. Express JS: 128.7%
  9. Shopify templates: 110.7%
  10. Drawing: 101.0%

The 10 jobs with the most contraction over the year:

  1. LESS/Sass/SCSS: -80.9%
  2. Email developer: -80.3%
  3. Squarespace: -75.3%
  4. Journalist: -73.0%
  5. Software development: -70.7%
  6. App designer: -70.7%
  7. CATIA: -69.7%
  8. Pickup: -69.4%
  9. Payroll: -67.6%
  10. App developer: -66.1%


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