Recent Updates

Staffing in Taiwan

5 July 2019

  • Our latest estimate for the size of the Taiwan staffing market.
  • Listing of 80 staffing firms operating in the country
  • Overview and analysis of the landscape

Online Job Advertising: 2019 Market Update

4 July 2019

  • This 2019 update includes definitions of the various job advertising business models, a ranked list of the largest companies by revenue, and a global market size estimate.
  • It is the largest and most detailed research report on this sector SIA has produced with a ranking of the largest 50 providers... More

Largest Direct Hire Firms Globally

26 June 2019

  • SIA's estimate for the size of the global direct hire market, broken down by region and country
  • Ranking of the largest direct hire firms, based on 2018 revenues
  • Insights from publicly listed firms

Ten Steps to Designing an SOW Management Strategy and Business Model

24 June 2019

  • Learn the benefits of a clear Statement of Work (SOW) management strategy
  • Determine the best approach to creating a strategy and business operation model
  • Perform a discovery exercise to define the As-Is State of your organization’s SOW management activity and practices
  • Establish the ‘Desired... More

Contingent Workforce Programme Insights

21 June 2019

Contingent Workforce Programme Managers can use this report to:

  • Learn about the size, scope and features of peers’ programmes
  • Benchmark their programme across a range of metrics
  • Understand adoption levels of contingent workforce strategies including SOW management, use of MSP, VMS and payroll... More

Results of Listed Staffing Firms in APAC Q1 2019

19 June 2019

  • See a complete list of financial results across the staffing industry in Q1 2019
  • Find out how your competitors or suppliers fared
  • Follow the hyperlinks for further details 

Introduction to Robotic Process Automation

5 June 2019

  • This report is an introduction to Robotic Process Automation
  • It provides an overview of the market, current capabilities and trends
  • Offers specific focus to software providers in this space

Most Attractive Staffing Markets Globally 2019

4 June 2019

  • This interactive tool provides comparative insights over 60 different staffing markets assessed across six Continents.
  • Our analysis provides a basic structure for understanding different strengths and weaknesses and a template for comparing a wide range of very different markets.
  • Staffing markets... More

Global Staffing Industry Market Estimates and Forecast: May 2019 Update

24 May 2019

  • Staffing industry generates USD 490 billion of revenue worldwide in 2018
  • SIA projects global staffing revenue growth of 4% next year
  • Of the fourteen largest markets, only China and India projected to grow more than 5% next year

Staffing in New Zealand

23 May 2019

  • Helps you identify suppliers
  • Competitors
  • M&A targets.