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Latest Research

Building an Effective Staffing Website

7 August 2018

  • Best practices in developing and maintaining an effective staffing website
  • Provides examples of cutting edge website design

APAC Financial Calendar 2018/2019

25 July 2018

  • See how your competitors or suppliers are faring
  • Get a spreadsheet you can upload into Outlook
  • Remember most of the events listed will be covered in the Daily News 

Asia Pacific Legal Update Q2 2018

16 July 2018

  • In this report, we round up the legal developments affecting the workforce solutions ecosystem across the Asia Pacific region in Q2 2018:
  • Australia: Minimum Wage Increase 1 July 2018; South Australia Postpones Labour Hire Licensing Scheme; New Long Service Leave and Portable Benefits for Victoria... More

Workforce Solutions Buyer Survey 2018: Initial Findings

5 July 2018

  • Report contains results of 2018 Workforce Solutions Buyer Survey
  • Topics include assignment limits, MSP, SOW and net promoter scores of suppliers
  • Additional analysis in forthcoming reports

Salary Guide for Australia

3 July 2018

  • Salary Data for Australia
  • From a range of sources
  • By company and sector

Directory of Suppliers to Staffing Firms - June 2018

29 June 2018

This report identifies and categorizes specialist suppliers to staffing firms globally. With 23 different categories ranging from advisors & consultants to payroll funding and back office,with approximately 900 vendors spanning over 60 countries.

APAC Financial Results Q118

25 June 2018

  • See a complete list of financial results across the staffing industry in Q1 2018
  • Find out how your competitors or suppliers fared
  • Many events listed are covered in the Daily News 

The Gig Economy and Human Cloud Landscape: 2018 Update

8 June 2018

  • The human cloud is a sub-segment of the gig economy, and includes firms that match workers to work through an online/digital platform
  • Global market size estimates by business model, work location, and customer type, and comprehensive list of all identified firms
  • Key industry trends, growth and... More

Most Complex Contingent Markets Globally 2018

1 June 2018

  • SIA's own methodology for evaluating the complexity of each contingent market using a mixture of our own and third-party sources.
  • This provides a basic structure for understanding the ease in which a contingent workforce programme can be put in place and a template for comparing a wide range of... More

MSP Market Developments: Part 1

1 June 2018

  • Examines the global market developments of the managed service provider (MSP) market
  • Identifies market drivers and benefits
  • Summarizes key innovations and investments
  • Outlines multi-country geographic footprint capability of vendors