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Latest Research

Blockchain and the Staffing Industry: January 2019 Update

9 January 2019

  • Overview of blockchain technology
  • Key trends and developments related to staffing
  • Overview of 40+ initiatives and vendors 

Global Compliance Trends for 2019

14 December 2018

  • During 2018, there were significant developments in relation to laws on data protection, the classification of self-employed independent contractors, equality and family-friendly policies across the world.
  • These trends continue into 2019, but there will also be an emphasis on equality, family-friendly... More

Energy Growth Assessment Globally

14 December 2018

  • This report provides an in-depth look at the energy staffing segment
  • Describes drivers of growth and relevant employment trends
  • Contains production statistics and M&A data

Workforce Solutions Buyer Survey: Full Report and Cumulative Index

14 December 2018

  • Full report of 2018 results
  • This year's topics include assignment limits, SOW, net promoter scores, supplier management strategies, and contingent share of workforce
  • Results from prior years included

Internal Program Management

14 December 2018

  • Should you manage your CW program internally or use an MSP.
  • There are many evolving models to be considered.
  • This report discusses your options as well as how industry leaders determine which model is appropriate for their companies.

Results Calendar for 2019

12 December 2018

  • See how your competitors or suppliers are faring
  • Provides a spreadsheet you can upload into Outlook
  • All the events listed will be covered in the Daily News 

Results of Listed Staffing Firms in APAC Q3 2018

11 December 2018

  • See a complete list of financial results across the staffing industry in Q3 2018
  • Find out how your competitors or suppliers fared
  • Link to our reports in the Daily News

Overview of the Australian Market

7 December 2018

  • Insights into the Australian staffing market
  • Official employment statistics by industry and occupation
  • Employment projections to 2023

Largest Clinical/Scientific Staffing Firms Globally

5 December 2018

  • Global market size estimate and regional breakdown
  • Top 25 ranking based on market share
  • Clinical trials registrations geographical trends

Online Job Advertising Landscape: 2018 Update

1 December 2018

  • Online job advertising revenue grew 14% in constant currency, reaching USD 13.9 billion in 2017
  • The largest three firms are Recruit Holdings, Linkedin, and SEEK
  • Ranked list of largest firms globally