Archived Webinars

Asia Pacific: Challenges and Lessons Learned in Programme Adoption

10 June 2019

  • 1 hour webinar focussing on Challenges and Lessons Learned in Programme Adoption
  • Asia Pacific Focus on Most Complex Markets
  • Focus on Japan Adoption Challenges

APAC Compliance and Risk Webinar

18 December 2018

  • 1 hour APAC webinar on compliance and risk
  • A focus on Australian legal developments
  • The risks associated with using unlicensed staffing suppliers
  • A recent gig economy case overview
  • Compliance with Modern Slavery legislation
  • Workers' compensation coverage for contractors

Master Complex Services Procurement in your CW Programme

11 June 2018

  • 1 hour complimentary workforce enterprise buyer webinar
  • Sponsored by Beeline with insights from Bupa
  • APAC SOW focus

Make Your Workforce a Competitive Differentiator with Total Workforce Optimisation

21 May 2018

  • 1 hour EU workforce enterprise buyer webinar
  • Advancements in workforce management strategies
  • Sponsored by Beeline

By the Numbers: 2017 Insights from SIA Survey Data

16 January 2018

In this data packed webinar, SIA advisors and analysts shared the most intriguing insights from the 250+ reports issued in 2017. 

Drive Value with End-to-End Services Procurement Management

13 July 2017

  • 1 hour webinar on Services Procurement Management
  • Sponsored by SAP Fieldglass
  • Best practices for managing challenges in services procurement

Waking up to a Bigger World and Bigger Opportunities with Total Talent Acquisition

12 June 2017

  • 1 hour webinar on Total Talent Aquisition
  • Sponsored by Beeline with ING speaker
  • Sourcing and managing new categories of talent

Asia Rising – Positioning Your Organisation’s Workforce to Win in the Future of Work

5 May 2017

  • 1 hour Global Buyer Webinar
  • SAP Fieldglass and Nokia Speakers
  • Positioning Your Organisation to Win

RPO Essentials for Success

28 March 2017

  • Findings from SIA's recent Global RPO research
  • Trends in the market and key investments in this space
  • 1 hour webinar discussion

What’s in Store for 2017 and the Impact of a Decisive 2016!

30 January 2017

  • A preview of some of the hot topics for change in 2017
  • A review of how the momentous events of 2016 might impact the contingent workforce around the world
  • SIA panellists
  • 1 hour webinar discussion