Adam Pode, CCWP

Director of Research (EMEA & APAC)

Adam Pode

Adam Pode joined SIA in June 2009 with overall responsibility for research for EMEA & APAC. Since then he has examined and written about the staffing industry from Australia to Zambia. Developed forecasts that the market uses to plan its strategy. Advised numerous companies from around the globe. Worked with the World Employment Confederation to measure the pulse rate of the industry. Calculated the size of the Global Gig Economy, and spoken at numerous industry events.

Adam has spent his entire career in the research field; in the British House of Commons, running his own research firm, as a Professor in the US, heading the business intelligence unit of a large listed UK firm and working as an associate partner in private equity practice.

Adam has a B.A. from the School of Oriental and African Studies, and various postgraduate qualifications.

Research Focus: Brazil | Eastern Europe | Greece | India | Ireland | Middle East | Portugal | Russia | UK

Recent Articles

Asia Pacific: Challenges and Lessons Learned in Programme Adoption

10 June 2019

  • 1 hour webinar focussing on Challenges and Lessons Learned in Programme Adoption
  • Asia Pacific Focus on Most Complex Markets
  • Focus on Japan Adoption Challenges

Global Staffing Industry Market Estimates and Forecast: May 2019 Update

24 May 2019

  • Staffing industry generates USD 490 billion of revenue worldwide in 2018
  • SIA projects global staffing revenue growth of 4% next year
  • Of the fourteen largest markets, only China and India projected to grow more than 5% next year

Staffing in New Zealand

23 May 2019

  • Helps you identify suppliers
  • Competitors
  • M&A targets.

APAC SI Report Webinar - May 2019

3 May 2019

  • 1 hour APAC Staffing Industry Report Webinar
  • Asia Pacific Forecasts
  • Legal Developments in the Asia Pacific Region
  • Latest Staffing Trends
  • Snapshots on the China Staffing Market

Internal Program Management

14 December 2018

  • Should you manage your CW program internally or use an MSP.
  • There are many evolving models to be considered.
  • This report discusses your options as well as how industry leaders determine which model is appropriate for their companies.

Results Calendar for 2019

12 December 2018

  • See how your competitors or suppliers are faring
  • Provides a spreadsheet you can upload into Outlook
  • All the events listed will be covered in the Daily News 

The Global Gig Economy 2018

29 November 2018

  • Provides our estimate of the Global Gig Economy
  • Breaks this down by five key constituent elements
  • Provides figures for 18 key countries including the UK, Germany and France

Global Staffing Industry Market Estimates and Forecast: November 2018 Update

26 November 2018

  • By our estimates, the global staffing market generated EUR 413 billion (USD 466 billion) of revenue in 2017
  • We project 6% growth this year and 6% growth next year in global staffing revenue on a constant currency basis
  • Of the 17 largest markets, double digit growth projected next year in four... More

M&A Funders and Advisors Directory

12 November 2018

  • This report identifies M&A funders and advisors from around the world
  • With 29 in-depth profiles
  • A list of 115+ further providers

The Future of Work 2018

26 October 2018

  • Citation looking at work from McKinsey & Company
  • Bank of England
  • World Economic Forum