Staffing Company Survey 2016: “Bench model” usage rates and best practices

24 September 2016

  • 34% of staffing firms use bench model to some degree
  • 53% expect to use it by 2026
  • Staffing execs offer advice about when/how to use it

Staffing Company Survey 2016: Best Practices in Managing At-Home Recruiters

23 September 2016

  • Top consideration in at-home recruiting: pick the right recruiters
  • Managing and measuring performance also important
  • Staffing executives suggest 7 additional best practices

2016 Staffing Company Survey: Concerns about current and upcoming legislation

31 August 2016

  • 307 staffing firms identify regulatory concerns
  • Top current and future concerns listed, by region
  • Firms in North America, Europe, and Australia/NZ included

2016 Global Staffing Company Survey: Recommended Vendors

18 August 2016

  • Over 300 staffing executives recommend a vendor
  • 35 vendors receive at least three recommendations
  • LinkedIn most popular vendor

2016 Australia/NZ Staffing Company Survey: Initial Findings

2 August 2016

  • 59 Australia/NZ staffing companies represented
  • Survey respondents were senior managers
  • Third SIA annual survey of staffing companies

India Staffing Company Survey 2016

31 May 2016

  • Outlines best practices, benchmark data and industry trends. 
  • Data from seventy eight participants.
  • 36 page report summarizes 2016/2015 survey

2015 Australia/NZ Staffing Company Survey: Insights Into Staffing Companies’ Attitudes, Practices and Strategies & Cumulative Index to 2014 Survey

30 March 2016

  • Ratios, benchmarks, & best practices
  • Certifications, investment plans, legislative concerns
  • 99 page report summarizes 2 years of surveys

Australia/NZ Staffing Company Survey: Distribution of temporary and direct hire sales, by skill segment and customer industry/sector served

26 March 2016

  • 42 staffing firms reveal skill segments and customer markets
  • Top temp skill segments: IT, office/clerical, finance/accounting
  • Top temp customer markets: finance/insurance and government

Australia/NZ Staffing Company Survey: Requests for Proposal (RFPs)—Response rates, hours to complete, & percent successful

31 December 2015

  • Typical staffing firm respond to about a third of RFPs
  • About half of completed RFPs turn into business
  • Time-consuming, but responding typically worth it

Australia/NZ Staffing Company Survey: Staffing firm operational structures

28 December 2015

  • Staffing firms vary widely in combining/separating recruiting & sales, temp & perm businesses
  • Most firms highly satisfied with current structure
  • Fifty-one staffing firms provided data