Workforce Solutions Buyers Survey 2016 - Strategies to mitigate contingent workforce legal risk

12 March 2017

  • Three most used strategies: carrying out due diligence on suppliers’ levels of compliance, obtaining indemnities from suppliers, and limiting assignment lengths
  • Companies that use MSP more likely to pursue limiting assignment lengths

Workforce Solutions Buyers Survey 2016 - Performance rating of contingent workforce program

10 March 2017

  • 85% of respondents rated the performance of their contingent workforce program as excellent, above average, or average
  • Companies using a VMS were more likely to rate their program as above average or excellent

Workforce Solutions Buyers Survey - Top priorities for CW programs

9 March 2017

  • The most commonly selected priorities for contingent workforce programs were providing excellent customer service to internal stakeholders, global integration, and reducing/controlling costs
  •  No single option garnered more than 19% of responses, indicating the diversity of top priorities... More

Workforce Solutions Buyer Survey 2016: Trends in online staffing and FMS

8 March 2017

  • Awareness of online staffing among respondents to our survey has reached 78%
  • However, the percent noting they actually used these services in 2016 is only 12%
  • 23% of respondents are considering using online staffing in two years

Workforce Solutions Buyers Survey - MSP and VMS Cost Savings

7 March 2017

  • 88% of buyer organizations reported at least some savings from using an MSP
  • 85% of buyer organizations indicated at least some savings from using a VMS
  • This report provides further detail based on company size, industry and primary skill set purchased

Workforce Solutions Buyers Survey 2016: Trends in supplier management strategies

6 March 2017

  • Offshoring is most popular of strategies listed, with 75% of respondents noting it is in place today
  • The most popular strategy to explore within two years was including contingent workforce management into strategic planning, selected by a majority of respondents
  • The master supplier model is... More

Workforce Solutions Buyers Survey - Internal Resources Dedicated to CW Management

2 March 2017

  • The median contingent workforce (CW) management team size was 5 in our survey
  • CW management team sizes varied based on organization size and CW spend
  • 69% of survey respondents reported spending half or more of their time on CW management, an indication of the professional nature

Workforce Solutions Buyers Survey - Recruitment Process Outsourcing

22 February 2017

  • 45% of companies surveyed use recruitment process outsourcing (RPO)
  • Roughly one third of companies that use RPO use it to fill 10% or less of their permanent hires
  • Top reasons why buyers use RPO

Workforce Solutions Buyers Survey: Temp-to-perm conversion rates

30 January 2017

  • Temp-to-perm conversion rates for large (1,000+ FTE employee) European contingent workforce programs
  • Conversion rates by company size, industry and skill segment
  • Distribution of temp-to-perm conversion rates

Workforce Solutions Buyers Survey - APAC - Initial Insights

17 October 2016

  • Report contains initial findings of the 2016 APAC Workforce Solutions Buyers Survey
  • More detailed analyses of these survey responses will be released in separate reports