Workforce Solutions Buyer Survey: Full Report and Cumulative Index

14 December 2018

  • Full report of 2018 results
  • This year's topics include assignment limits, SOW, net promoter scores, supplier management strategies, and contingent share of workforce
  • Results from prior years included

Workforce Solutions Buyer Survey 2018: Initial Findings

5 July 2018

  • Report contains results of 2018 Workforce Solutions Buyer Survey
  • Topics include assignment limits, MSP, SOW and net promoter scores of suppliers
  • Additional analysis in forthcoming reports

By the Numbers: 2017 Insights from SIA Survey Data

16 January 2018

In this data packed webinar, SIA advisors and analysts shared the most intriguing insights from the 250+ reports issued in 2017. 

Workforce Solutions Buyers Survey 2017 - Asia Pacific (APAC) - Cumulative Report

13 December 2017

  • Trends, benchmarks and strategies
  • All analyzed results from our 2017 Workforce Solutions Buyers Survey
  • Also includes content from previous editions, going back to 2014

Workforce Solutions Buyers Survey 2017 - Online staffing platforms and freelancer talent pools

8 December 2017

  • 74% of respondents are familiar with online staffing platforms, and 23% currently use
  • 79% of respondents are familiar with freelancer talent pools or freelancer management systems, and 14% currently use
  • 38% of respondents report that use of freelancers are not tracked across company

Workforce Solutions Buyers Survey 2017 - Contingent workforce program funding models and rates

8 December 2017

  • Statistics on the mix of supplier funded versus client funded MSP programs
  • Detailed benchmarks on percent-of-spend fees regarding temporary agency workers, SOW consultants and independent contractors

Workforce Solutions Buyers Survey 2017 - Satisfaction with suppliers and value of VMS and MSP

4 December 2017

  • Report contains satisfaction scores for various suppliers: staffing firm, VMS, MSP, RPO, job board, ATS, online staffing platform
  • Report also contains open answer comments regarding the ongoing value of a VMS and an MSP

Workforce Solutions Buyers Survey 2017 - RPO and best source of hires

1 December 2017

  • 50% of surveyed companies report using recruitment process outsourcing (RPO)
  • Report provides distribution of respondent involvement with RPO
  • Report also provides survey responses on most effective source of hires

Workforce Solutions Buyers Survey 2017 - Strategies to mitigate contingent workforce legal risk

29 November 2017

  • Report measures usage of strategies to mitigate contingent workforce legal risk
  • Most used strategies: carrying out due diligence in selecting suppliers; auditing suppliers’ level of compliance; and limiting assignment lengths
  • Report also includes comments from buyer companies

Workforce Solutions Buyers Survey 2017 - Trends in management strategies and priorities

27 November 2017

  • Report tracks 21 supplier management strategies 
  • 85% of companies use of domestic outsourcing, the most used strategy
  • Report identifies difference in usage based on program's primary skill set purchased and total contingent spend