Human Cloud (incl. Online Staffing)

The Gig Economy and Human Cloud Landscape: 2019 Update

3 September 2019

  • Human cloud reached a scale of $126.3 billion in global spend in 2018
  • Human cloud is a subsegment of the gig economy including firms that match workers to work through an online/digital platform
  • This comprehensive report (70 pages) covers this rapidly evolving marketplace
  • Included are market... More

Investing in the Workforce Solutions Ecosytem

2 May 2019

  • This report focuses on the investment strategies of large staffing firms outside of their core staffing services and, in particular, three investment funds set up to explore opportunities and threats from digital disruption; the Randstad Innovation Fund (RIF), Adecco Group X (AGX) and Recruit Strategic... More

Blockchain and the Staffing Industry: January 2019 Update

9 January 2019

  • Overview of blockchain technology
  • Key trends and developments related to staffing
  • Overview of 40+ initiatives and vendors 

Workforce Solutions Ecosystem: 2018 Update

22 October 2018

  • This report is the third update to Staffing Industry Analysts Workforce Solutions Ecosystem, initially released in September 2015. 
  • Report includes updated market sizes for each segment of the Ecosystem.
  • New classifications within 'Talent Acquisition Technology' segment and addition of 'Robotic... More

Global Overview of Developments in Data Privacy: 2018 Update

20 August 2018

  • This update provides essential information about the latest global developments on laws affecting the way personal data is processed and protected.
  • On 25 May 2018, Europe’s laws on data protection underwent fundamental changes as the General Data Protection Regulation (EU 2016/679) (GDPR) came... More

The Gig Economy and Human Cloud Landscape: 2018 Update

8 June 2018

  • The human cloud is a sub-segment of the gig economy, and includes firms that match workers to work through an online/digital platform
  • Global market size estimates by business model, work location, and customer type, and comprehensive list of all identified firms
  • Key industry trends, growth and... More

Staffing Trends in 2018

23 February 2018

  • This report takes a high-level look at the key trends impacting the global staffing industry in 2018.
  • Senior staffing executives can use this information to better understand the broad trends likely to impact their business.

Talent Acquisition Technology Ecosystem

15 February 2018

  • Overview of the talent acquisition technology ecosystem
  • Definition and examples of talent acquisition technology categories and concepts
  • Describes state of play

Lessons for CW Managers

14 December 2017

  • 1 hour complimentary webinar on Lessons for CW Managers
  • A review of the most newsworthy items from 2017
  • Insights and ideas to make 2018 a success
  • SIA CW Team presenters

Workforce Solutions Buyers Survey 2017 - Online staffing platforms and freelancer talent pools

8 December 2017

  • 74% of respondents are familiar with online staffing platforms, and 23% currently use
  • 79% of respondents are familiar with freelancer talent pools or freelancer management systems, and 14% currently use
  • 38% of respondents report that use of freelancers are not tracked across company