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Singapore – Nearly as many men as women are interested in flexible work (Straits Times)

21 May 2019

Men in Singapore have become nearly as interested as women on calling for more flexible work options, reports the Straits Times citing data from Monster.com. The data found that 71% of men and 76% of women surveyed in Singapore want to work more flexible hours. Monster said that traditionally, women favoured flexi-work due to their role as the primary caregiver, but there has been a shift. Approximately 75% of the men polled in Singapore said they are seeking a job change as work-life balance is a top priority. Abhijeet Mukherjee, Chief Executive of the Asia-Pacific and Gulf regions at Monster.com, said the desire among men for more flexible work options is driven by millennials adding that men are starting to demand greater flexi-work options so they can better support their families. "Young husbands and fathers are helping to drive the movement for greater equality in child-rearing and employers need to catch up, too,” Mukherjee said.


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