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China – Women earn 22% less than men, Zhaopin finds

07 March 2018

The average monthly salary for women was founds to be 22% lower than men in China according to a survey from Chinese career platform Zhaopin.

The report,"2018 Report on the Current Situation of Chinese Women in the Workplace", surveyed more than 100,000 people this year.

Among the findings, the salary gap between men and women for entry-level and low-level position was small (4%). However, as more men were promoted to higher level positions, the income gap between women and men widened.

Compared with men, more women in the workplace felt that they had an unclear career path, or lack of professional guidance in their career development (45% of women compared to 36% of men). Women were also less confident in themselves than men at work.

Based on Zhaopin's survey, men spent 9% more time at work than women, while women devoted 15% more time to families than men.

When finding job opportunities, the most important factor for women was "convenient to go to work", while men gave priority to "opportunity to grow". Before getting married, "convenient to go to work" and "opportunity to grow" were almost equally important for women. However, after marriage, "convenient to go to work" become more important for women and they normally cared less about "opportunity to grow".

According to Zhaopin's survey, women contributed about 35% of their family incomes, compared with 51% contributed by men.

Zhaopin also found that women have greater aspirations to improve themselves through career development than men, giving higher priority to "further improve personal value", "take more challenging work" and "gain clear career path".

When asked to evaluate successful women, 52% of women believed that “achievement in her professional field" was the most important factor, while nearly half of men (46%) saw a successful woman as "having her own attitude and not following others".


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