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Five Key Tips: What To Do Before Starting a Contingent Workforce Program

Last week’s CWS summit clarified a few things for those in the contingent workforce management space. One big take-away for me was that one size does not fit all. There is no right or wrong recipe. But there are some ingredients that have to be taken into account or the meal can be a disaster.

The experts on my panel – ESPN’s Peggy O’Neill, McAfee’s Ariane Pannell, BNP Paribas’s Jo Ann Cohen... More

Narrow Escape: Threats of Healthcare Penalties Lessen

First, the good news. The federal government issued guidance at the end of August that could significantly reduce employer penalties under healthcare reform. Of course, we are talking about 2014 when those penalties take effect. But if the feds really stick with this, then the guidance would allow employers to use a period of up to 12 months to determine if an employee is full time.

With a 12-month... More