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You Heard It Here First. How the CW Role Was Won

We called it first. Staffing Industry Analysts identified the role of the contingent workforce manager more than a decade ago. I remember SIA’s president, Barry Asin referring to the CW pioneers, covered wagons and campfires at the second CWS Summit in Dallas in 2006. But the Great Recession and the changing economy have helped catapult this role into the spotlight.

Let’s trace its evolution.

Ten... More

Don’t Call Us, We’ll Call You ….

Actually, we’ll be using our VMS to inform you about what our candidate needs are. We don’t need to chat. The dreaded no-contact policy is revered by many buyers and — obviously — disliked by the supplier community. Many buyers believe allowing a relationship between the two parties raises costs and created a conflict of interest within a vendor-neutral program.

“You cannot have a vendor-neutral... More

Hey, VMS: What Have You Done For Me Lately?

Used to be, when the vendor management systems first came out, buyers were thrilled with it. The tool saved them huge amounts of money, automated processes and gave them visibility into their temp workforces.  What’s not to like?  The fact that suppliers grudged every penny they spent funding the tool for the buyers mattered little.  VMS eating into the vendor’s margins was not the... More

Now, There's An App for Staffing

It’s a different kind of staffing model.  Meet App Academy, where candidates are trained on skills they need to be Web developers.  The twist? They don’t pay for the training. Instead, they pay a placement fee after they find a job as a developer. (Read: recruiter’s fee)

Candidates in San Francisco and NYC who go through the academy are immersed in a full-time Web development program. ... More