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Making a Business Case

Have you ever tried convincing your manager to make a change?

Change typically involves more resources, either time, money or both. Sometimes it involves a different way of doing something you’re already doing; sometimes it’s something new to your company.  Either way, how does one go about selling your boss on your idea?

We’ve all been in these shoes. I find that I have to first convince... More

There’s a List for That

Buyers Love it. Suppliers think it’s a great marketing tool. The Staffing Industry Analysts Staffing Firm Market Landscape and Book of Lists is a one-stop shopping resource for companies engaged in all the main niches of staffing. From office/clerical to marketing/creative to IT and healthcare skill sets, the lists display the largest firms by revenue per U.S. temp staffing segment as well as North... More

Is The World Going Part-Time?

The numbers have it. Here’s the story so far. July's modest gain of 162,000 jobs was the smallest since March. And most of the job growth came in lower-paying industries or part-time work. Moreover, this pattern has been going on for several months now; BLS household survey data indicates that 77 percent of the jobs created year-to-date are part-time.

But BLS household survey data is often volatile,... More

Are You Staffing -- Online?

Two years ago anecdotal evidence found that online staffing had barely penetrated the contingent market, with contingent workforce managers paying little or no attention to this new talent source. Fourteen months ago, I suggested CW managers embrace online staffing or be flattened. (Remember folks, you heard it first at SIA!)

The tide has turned. SIA’s buyer survey revealed that 41 percent of large... More