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Not Really the Big Bad Wolf

It used to be that the staffing industry at best was considered a middleman. At worst a necessary evil. Popular media love the image of the staffing industry as the big bad wolf screwing the little guy out of his rightful wages and benefits. There are some in the media who have found it convenient to fit the industry into a narrative that goes back to Charles Dickens.

Times have changed. The Staffing... More

Interns Are Now Contingent

They are the new kids on the contingent block: Interns. Back in April 2010, the Department of Labor decided that interns were employees and had to be paid.  From that moment on, interns -- already temporary in nature --  often become contingent workers.

Buyers have yet to recognize this fact. Staffing Industry Analysts’ recent Buyer Survey revealed that only 18 percent of buyers manage interns... More