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Nominate the Stars of 2014

Do you know somebody striving to reinvent the world of work — and is succeeding?  Are you working with an individual who changed the way you think about work arrangements? If you are, then then nominate him or her for the Staffing 100 2014 list. For the fourth year in a row, Staffing Industry Analysts is putting together a directory of individuals who have made a difference to the staffing industry.... More

Learning the Temp Lesson

Everybody’s getting it finally. Even government is waking up to the advantage of using temporary labor. The quiet boom in education/library staffing is proof of that. “It’s a classic case of taking advantage of specialization through outsourcing. School administrators are learning that there are efficiencies involved in using staffing firms to manage their substitute teacher needs,” says Jon... More

Are You Ready for 2024?

Walk into a room of staffing industry professionals and ask: what business are you in?

“Temp staffing” will be the response nine out of 10 times.  Only it’s the wrong answer. The right response is:  We are in the contingent space.

Why does it matter?  Here’s why.

In our 2014 Buyer Survey, Staffing Industry Analysts asked companies (with 1,000 or more employees) what types of labor... More