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Mom Was Right—It Pays to be Nice

In our recent survey of more than 4,000 temporary workers, we asked them to rate their staffing firms on pay, benefits, communication and a number of other factors. Separately, we then asked them how likely they would be to recommend their staffing firm to a friend or colleague.  You might think that those most satisfied with their pay and benefits would be the ones most likely to endorse their... More

Where is MSP going?

It’s been called many names, some complimentary, others not so flattering. Despite the hotly contested debates, there is no doubt that the MSP has changed the face of the staffing industry.

The fact that having an MSP provides strategic value has never been questioned. However, buyers of staffing services are questioning some fundamental assumptions. “What many buyers don’t realize is that having... More

Double Dip Recession? Probably Not

Europe is in a near stall and there is talk that the EU could break up. China is slowing down. And last month the U.S. economy barely squeaked out any job growth at all. Economic data is looking less sanguine.  So is it time to batten down the hatches?

If you believe in the wisdom of crowds, the answer is: no. Intrade, a marketplace for the exchange of predictions, puts the odds of a U.S.... More