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Honoring Innovative Contingent Workforce Programs

I remember when I first heard our president, Barry Asin, refer to contingent workforce managers as “pioneers.” There may not have been actual campfires and covered wagons, but these forerunners were metaphorically braving the wilds and struggling to gain a foothold.

That was December 2006. We have come a long way. Today, territories have been won and borders are being drawn.  At the same time,... More

Talking With Your Contingent Workers Pays Off

What if talking to someone daily in your job meant a raise? You and your colleagues would be more than happy to become chatterboxes.  The truth is that in staffing, talking to your potential candidates means $. Here’s why. Conversations with your contingent workers give you better understanding of their needs, which in turn helps you match them with the right jobs. That results in happy clients... More

Embrace Online Staffing or Be Flattened

There are some new kids on the staffing block: Elance, oDesk, and dozens of others. If you haven’t been paying attention to online staffing, you’d better start. The numbers show that Elance had more than 650,000 job postings in 2011 and had cumulative revenue of  $500 million since it started. Its competitor, oDesk, had more than a million job postings in 2011 and its contractors earned more... More

Background Checks for Contingent Workers Are Tricky

Would it be disconcerting to learn that the newest contingent worker who has been helping you with gathering some sensitive financial data has a recent DUI? Maybe what would be more disturbing is that the fact the staffing firms that supervised the screening knew. Well here’s the kicker.

First, in this case, the staffing firm may not be able to (legally) use the information, as the DUI may not be... More