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Should You Insource Your MSP?

You can hate or love it but you can’t ignore the MSP. Staffing suppliers have called managed service providers many a name but have ended up joining or acquiring one. The MSP is here to stay but the question on the top of many customers’ minds today is whether they can be their own MSP, and just insource the function.

Let me start out by clarifying that the companies probing the issue are those... More

Staffing Industry Growing, Touching Record-Breaking Highs

Here are some stratospheric numbers — and no we are not talking about Facebook’s impending IPO. In 2012, Staffing Industry Analysts’ Timothy Landhuis projects that IT staffing revenue could be as much as $23.5 billion.  IT staffing is red-hot right now. In comparison, at the peak of the dot-com bubble in 2000, revenue from the IT segment was $21.5 billion.

It’s a good time to be in staffing.... More

Buyers of Contingent Labor Should Expect to Pay More

It’s no longer a buyer’s market.

As the economy improves, the buyer of contingent labor no longer has the upper hand. It was quite a different story during the recession. Buyers had the pick of the crop, margins were down, talent was available and suppliers of contingent labor were hurting.

That has changed. As things improve,  demand for workers especially in IT and healthcare is growing and... More

IRS Fails Own Audit

Everyone knows how tough it is to be compliant with the maze of independent contractor law now in place.  And if the IRS didn’t already appreciate this complexity, maybe they will now—a recent internal IRS audit found massive non-compliance in the IRS' own offices

Think about your precious tax returns being examined by felons — or worse, your sensitive financial information sold or abused.... More