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A Staffing Atlas to Guide You

What’s the temp penetration rate in your county? If someone asked you that, you would probably dismiss both the question and the person who asked. But for those in contingent workforce management, it’s not an inane request. And we at Staffing Industry Analysts can help answer it.

Our analysts have come up with a tool, the 2012 Opportunity Atlas, which contains not just temporar yworker data but... More

Rolling Out New Ideas In Staffing

It was a great coming of age. Executive Forum turned 21 and wowed the staffing industry. Talk shows, awards, great sessions, 900 plus people preening in the Red Rock, Las Vegas were just some of the highlights of the party.  It was the place to be for the world of staffing.

Networking aside, what endures are the great ideas that emerge from the Forum and move the market.  We paid homage... More

Contingent Workers Are the Survival of the Fittest

"What is a contingent worker?"

Five years ago, this was the most common response I received when I said I write on contingent workforce issues. And no, I am not talking about just my friends and acquaintances. Even those in the staffing ecosystem, including the erstwhile end users of temporary labor, were often stumped by the term.

Fast forward to 2012. The term contingent worker is widely... More

An Effectual Contingent Worker Onboarding System Is Crucial

What if you had to work in a different office every week? Logging in to an unfamiliar computer, figuring out the dos and don’ts of the software, sitting in a strange cubicle, not knowing where the restroom or water cooler is daunting. You have to find your way around in more ways than one. On top of that, if you aren’t productive, you will, of course, be replaced. Sound unnerving? It’s what many... More