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The Art of the Easy Profit

All businesses want to grow and be profitable. Those in the staffing industry are no different.  But here’s what is. Next week at the Executive Forum in Orlando, Staffing Industry Analysts will reveal a practical but innovative approach to increasing your bottom line in a session titled “15 Creative Tips to Increase Your Bottom Line”. And we won’t be talking about investing gobs of cash... More

Suppliers’ Seven Pet Peeves

Staffing suppliers like to joke that their clients should run their business, because they are so fond of telling them what to do.   All kidding aside, client requests often send suppliers into a tail spin, and as any relationship guru will tell you, you can transform a mediocre relationship into a great one if you treat your partners with consideration.

Here are seven gripes suppliers shared... More

Delighting Patrons Drives Program Adoption

Question: Why are 54 percent of contingent workforce programs making servicing internal stakeholders a top priority?

Answer: A program is only as good as its adoption. 

You could have the latest VMS technology, a killer CW program office or a brilliant MSP. But those won’t necessarily increase program adoption among your hiring managers. The success of any CW program depends on the number of users,... More