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Who’s Wading in the Stream?

 Our guest blogging site, The Staffing Stream, was built on the idea of getting the different factions in the industry — buyers, suppliers, VMS, MSPs and tech vendors — to talk. And talking they are.

Sixteen months after its launch, the blog now has 300 contributors and 544 published posts.

The Stream has brought players big and small from all walks of staffing to the blogtogether. A few highlights:... More

When Picketers are Temps

Temp worker flexibility has been stretched to a whole new level.  Here’s how it goes down.

There’s a strike to protest a lack of benefits. Union A hires temps to dissent alongside picketing union members.  Of course these workers don’t receive benefits, either.

Union A’s company also hires temps to replace the employees out striking. (In the past, this has been a common practice.)

But... More

SOW: It’s Here, There and Everywhere

If buyers love it, can staffing firms be far behind? No, I am not talking about customers’ appetite for cutting costs, but rather the fascination with anything SOW — statement of work consultants.

This year, for the first time, we surveyed staffing firms about SOW and found that they are pursuing statement of work consulting with a vengeance. And it’s not just in IT or engineering; it’s in other... More