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Tra La La La La: Why Services Procurement Strikes a Chord

Suppliers and customers are all raving about services procurement. But here’s the catch: It means different things to different people. So I decided to explore this term a bit by talking to a number of people in the know. After chatting with various industry folks, I think Agile-1’s chief sales officer, Stacie Habegger, said it best: “Services procurement encompasses the strategic management... More

Before Leaping on the Metric Bandwagon, Define It

Everyone’s talking about metrics in the industry. From time to fill, submittal rates, open rates etc., the verbiage is being tossed around. SIA’s VP of research, Jon Osborne fields dozens of calls from suppliers asking for the “right range” for various metrics. But here’s why it’s impossible to provide that range today. Every company measures these metrics differently. The very people touting... More

Koosharem Downgrade a Sign of Pricing Pressures

It’s a wake-up call up for the entire staffing industry. Vendors as well as contingent workforce managers need to rethink the pricing of temps. I admit it’s hard to do in today’s economy. But Standard and Poor’s downgrading of Koosharem Corp., which does business as Select Staffing, has gotten many strong reactions. Folks were nodding in satisfaction, saying the company deserved it for doing... More