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Hate your VMS? Maybe it’s not the tool but how you use it

People like taking potshots at VMS; let’s face it — the tool has had its share of vilification. From buyers giving it a low net promoter score to suppliers irate about the money they spend funding the tool and the cutthroat competition it drives, the VMS is the thing the industry loves to hate.

But lately, VMS providers have a genuine complaint of their own when they say that buyers of staffing... More

Who Has Been Driving Change in the World of Work? Applaud the Staffing 100 Honorees.

Those on the Staffing 100 need to take a bow. The US temp penetration rate (percent of workforce that is temporary and engaged through staffing firms) was 2.10 percent in September. This rate has been setting new highs each month since February 2014 — the first time it exceeded the previous high of 2.03 percent set in April 2000.

What a record! And we have many of the Staffing 100 to thank for it.... More

Happy Anniversary, CWS Summit!

This year marks the 10th annual gathering of contingent workforce professionals. What a difference the years have made.

In 2005, Staffing Industry Analysts launched its first CWS Summit in 2005 in Chicago, boasting around 200 attendees. Also in that year:

  1. MSP was a relatively new model for administering contingent workforce programs.
  2. VMS was just beginning to partner with MSP and was not ubiquitous... More