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Flourishing Outside the VMS/MSP Circle

Want to get away? No, I’m not talking about a free trip to Hawaii. But for some suppliers what I’m about to suggest might be just as welcome..

I am talking about getting away from the VMS/MSP space: building a staffing firm that succeeds outside of it.

There are those who have done it and lived to tell the tale.  But before you start down the path, here are some things to consider that can work... More

"They” Don’t Get It. Why Certification Can Help

Griping is common in the contingent workforce world. Buyers carp that staffing suppliers hound them but don’t get strategic. Suppliers moan that buyers can’t look beyond costs in order toget strategic.  But here’s the thing. Both sides have the identical expectations of the other.  And we have data to back this up.

A Staffing Industry Analysts survey a couple of years ago revealed that... More

Why Workers Leave (hint: It’s not just about the money)

Employees don’t leave because they are being paid less. Don’t get me wrong. Money matters. But as a recent survey from Staffing Industry Analysts revealed, there’s more to it than $.

About half the time (51 percent) employees get disgruntled and leave due to bad management and bad environment, the survey indicated.  Then there are those --21 percent - who want to advance their careers and... More

Are You Paying Right?

People have been paid salaries since the Neolithic Revolution.  You’d think we would have got the salary phenomenon figured out by now.

Much has been said about salary negotiations, benchmarking etc., but managers and workers still dread those salary conversations.  So how do you know whether you are paid right or paying right? How do you know the pay that contingent worker is demanding... More