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Healthcare Reform Could Hold Unseen Peril

Who’s in charge? Does it matter?

For the purposes of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) it might. 

Healthcare reform dominates the conversation.  Much of the talk has been on penalties and who bears their cost. But one particular discussion on the look-back rule is particularly worrying for the staffing ecosystem.  And it boils down to who’s in charge, thanks to the IRS’s stated plan... More

RPO is the New VMS

Ten years ago, if you didn’t have your own little outsourcing facility in Bangalore, you were not cutting edge. The trend was outsourcing — major brands worth their name had to have a base in India. 

A decade later we see a similar caliber of change in business operations, this time with recruitment process outsourcing.  Staffing Industry Analysts data show 38 percent of buyers are using... More

The VMS Bogeyman

Staffing firms love to hate the VMS. It’s their favorite bogeyman. Tales of lowered margins and profits are recounted often by staffing professionals with indignation as many savor nostalgically the pre-VMS era.

But here’s the deal. Staffing firms may carp about  VMS, even refuse to work with it. But what Staffing Industry Analysts data has found is that there isn’t a strong relationship between percent of revenue that comes from a VMS and staffing firm profitability.... More