Tony Gregoire, CCWP

Research Director

Tony Gregoire

Tony Gregoire is a Research Director at Staffing Industry Analysts. Since joining SIA in 2008, he has covered healthcare staffing and authored reports such as the "US Staffing Industry Forecast", "Global Staffing Industry Forecast", "Market Estimates and Features of the Contingent Workforce", "Largest US Staffing Firms", “Workforce Solutions Buyer Survey” and the "VMS & MSP Competitive Landscape". Tony is currently the lead for content for SIA’s Executive Forum North America and is a regular fixture in our SI Report Webinars. He is also a frequent speaker at industry events and his research on the staffing industry and contingent workforce has been cited in leading publications.

Prior to joining SIA, Tony was a Finance Director at UnitedHealth Group and began his professional career at Ford Motor Company. He holds an M.B.A. from Columbia Business School, and passed the CFA Level III exam.

Recent Articles

Global Staffing Industry Market Estimates and Forecast: May 2019 Update

24 May 2019

  • Staffing industry generates USD 490 billion of revenue worldwide in 2018
  • SIA projects global staffing revenue growth of 4% next year
  • Of the fourteen largest markets, only China and India projected to grow more than 5% next year

Workforce Solutions Buyer Survey: Full Report and Cumulative Index

14 December 2018

  • Full report of 2018 results
  • This year's topics include assignment limits, SOW, net promoter scores, supplier management strategies, and contingent share of workforce
  • Results from prior years included

Global Staffing Industry Market Estimates and Forecast: November 2018 Update

26 November 2018

  • By our estimates, the global staffing market generated EUR 413 billion (USD 466 billion) of revenue in 2017
  • We project 6% growth this year and 6% growth next year in global staffing revenue on a constant currency basis
  • Of the 17 largest markets, double digit growth projected next year in four... More

Workforce Solutions Buyer Survey 2018: Initial Findings

5 July 2018

  • Report contains results of 2018 Workforce Solutions Buyer Survey
  • Topics include assignment limits, MSP, SOW and net promoter scores of suppliers
  • Additional analysis in forthcoming reports

Global Staffing Industry Market Estimates and Forecast: May 2018 Update

31 May 2018

  • Global staffing industry generated USD 461 billion of revenue in 2017
  • We project 7% growth this year and 6% next year, both on a constant-currency basis
  • Seven of the 17 largest markets projected to grow by double-digits this year, no decliners

Alternative payment models in healthcare

9 January 2018

Staffing Industry Analysts' Alternative Payment Models in Healthcare report summarizes some of the most important alternative payment models that have been introduced over the past several years.

Preparing for the Next Recession

18 December 2017

  • Report addresses steps staffing companies can take to be more prepared for the next recession
  • Recessions bring both threats and opportunities
  • Report discusses how to cope with the most difficult part of a recession (the end)

10-year projections show healthcare jobs growing at a much higher rate than overall employment

11 December 2017

Employment in the healthcare industry is projected to grow 18%, far outpacing the projected 7% growth for overall employment. However, behind the 18% growth is substantial variation among the three categories that make up the healthcare industry.

Declining hospital admissions slow healthcare staffing revenue growth rate

7 November 2017

On several Q2 earnings calls, cost management in response to softer volume was a major topic among hospitals, and this was no doubt felt by their staffing suppliers.

Global Staffing Industry Market Estimates and Forecast: October 2017 Update

19 October 2017

  • We project global staffing revenue to grow 5% in 2016, 6% in 2017 and 6% in 2018 on a constant currency basis
  • Double digit staffing revenue growth projected in six of the largest 15 markets in 2018
  • Global staffing industry generated USD 429 billion of revenue in 2016