Nomination Processes and Deadlines

SIA’s editorial lists, featured online and in the print and digital editions of Staffing Industry Review magazine and CWS 3.0 newsletter, recognize and honor leaders across the ecosystem for their achievements and contributions to the world of work. Nominations are accepted from the industry, from industry observers and, for certain lists, through data gathered via surveys. 



Calls announcing open nomination periods will appear in the Global Daily News and online as well as CWS 3.0 for all of the lists included below. General deadlines are listed below but are subject to change.

For the following lists, we solicit nominations and then choose honorees based on those nominations.

Nominees for each of these lists could be in any role if they are in the workforce solutions ecosystem — the center of which is staffing — for example, managing a branch or handling compliance in an online staffing platform, she or he could be a lawyer or operate an MSP, or she or he could be a consultant. No vendors to the industry, please. The key criteria that we are looking for include those who have gone above and beyond to ensure the success of their teams, branches, brands, events or products. Buyers of staffing are welcome to submit nominations as well; here’s an opportunity to call out to those workforce solutions providers. Nominate those providers without whom your program would have collapsed. 

So, if you think someone on your team is deserving of this recognition, recommend them by sending us a short paragraph outlining why they should make this roster, including the impact they have already made, what revenue they have been responsible for or other quantifiable justification for their nomination. No resumes please. You are welcome to nominate as many people as you’d like!

Contingent Workforce Program Game Changers

SIA introduces the Contingent Workforce Program Game Changers list. To qualify, the nominee MUST be an employee of the buyer/enterprise organization; for example, a VP of HR sponsoring the program, an individual in the finance department responsible for program compliance, head of talent acquisition accountable for managing the contingent workforce or a procurement guru whose team handles the staff augmentation and statement-of-work contracts. The nominee can be in a different role from those mentioned above but should be impacting his or her company’s CW program in some quantifiable way. (Consultants on assignment or MSP/VMS program office personnel are NOT eligible.)

While we encourage individuals to nominate themselves or their peers for consideration, we welcome nominations from all corners of the ecosystem. We encourage providers to submit client candidates whom they feel demonstrate true innovation and authentic partnership.

The nomination must include nominee’s name, title, company name, email address and phone number. Include your own contact information as well. It should include a brief description of the program, including scope and mission statement if available. 

The 2019 nomination process is now closedRegister your interest for the 2020 program here

Staffing 100 North America      Staffing 100 Europe       Staffing 25 Latin America

We are looking for people who have made a quantifiable impact within their team, be it with an idea for a new work arrangement, product or just leadership that resulted in increased revenue or perhaps saved a business unit thousands of dollars. It’s about influencing people, those you work with and those you place to go above and beyond.
- Staffing 100 North America: Nominations for the 2019 program are now closed. Register your interest for the 2020 program here.
- Latin America 25: Nominations for the 2019 program are now closed. Register your interest for the 2020 program here.
- Staffing 100 Europe: Nominations for the 2019 program are now closed. Register your interest for the 2020 program here.

Staffing Industry Analysts Global Power 150 Women in Staffing

We are seeking those remarkable female leaders whose talents, achievements and passion drive their success. Although evidence suggests that women dominate the staffing industry in branch offices, a very small number make it to boardrooms. With the list, which covers 100 women from the Americas and 50 international women, we aim to honor those female leaders making a difference.
Deadline: Nominations for the 2019 program are now closed. Register your interest for the 2020 program here.

Staffing Industry Analysts Forty Under 40

We are looking for the promising up-and-comers in North America, those whose potential influence on the industry is strong. Again, anything that you can quantify is very useful, for example, size of operations, departmental influence, new ways of doing things that resulted in savings, identifying new sources of revenue, etc.
Deadline: The 2019 survey is now closed. Register your interest for the 2020 program here.

For the following lists, companies need to fill out an online survey to be considered:

Staffing Industry Analysts Best Staffing Firms to Work For

This program is open to any staffing or direct hire firm operating in the US, Canada, and UK and new for 2020, Ireland. You may choose to survey your internal staff or your contingent workforce or both. To be eligible to participate, your firm must have a minimum of 10 internal employees (not counting temps or contractors placed on assignment). Those that rank in the top quartile in each category are winners and the top scorer in each category is a Grand Prize Winner.

North America. The survey is now open for companies in North America. Winners will be announced at the annual SIA Executive Forum North America, March 9-12, 2020. Deadline to enroll: November 15. Enroll here.

UK and Ireland. Nominations for companies in the UK and Ireland will open in the Spring. Winners will be announced at SIA Executive Forum Europe, November 2020.

Staffing Industry Analysts Fastest-Growing US Staffing Firms

To be considered for the Fastest-Growing US Staffing Firms ranking, companies must meet a minimum revenue threshold of $1 million for the prior fiscal year and have had a CAGR of at least 15% over the past five years. Qualifying data for the ranking is collected and evaluated in our annual staffing firm survey. Alongside the full list, the top 10 from the ranking are profiled in print and online.
Deadline: Nominations for the 2019 program is now closed. Register your interest for the 2020 program here


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NOTE: In addition to the editorial lists, SIA also publishes comprehensive annual rankings of staffing firms by geography, by segment and as diversity and opportunity lists. These rankings are included in our research content, available to SIA members. Consideration for these lists is based on our annual survey and research data.