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Technology Innovation for Staffing Firms

10 April 2019

  • Advances in technology are offering staffing firms and other intermediaries whole new categories of software that weren't available to them 5 years ago
  • Where are the new opportunities to take best advantage of artificial intelligence and robotic process automation (RPA)
  • How far should you go... More

Blockchain and the Staffing Industry: January 2019 Update

9 January 2019

  • Overview of blockchain technology
  • Key trends and developments related to staffing
  • Overview of 40+ initiatives and vendors

Disruption Today: Online Platforms and Their Impact on Talent Supply Chains

13 December 2018

  • Learn how online platforms represent the potential for significant disruption in the way that traditional staffing and talent supply models operate
  • Essential learning for anyone who cares about the intersection of technology and business
  • Speakers from Wonolo, Aquent, University of California... More

Online Job Advertising Landscape: 2018 Update

1 December 2018

  • Online job advertising revenue grew 14% in constant currency, reaching USD 13.9 billion in 2017
  • The largest three firms are Recruit Holdings, Linkedin, and SEEK
  • Ranked list of largest firms globally

The Gig Economy and Human Cloud Landscape: 2018 Update

8 June 2018

  • The human cloud is a sub-segment of the gig economy, and includes firms that match workers to work through an online/digital platform
  • Global market size estimates by business model, work location, and customer type, and comprehensive list of all identified firms
  • Key industry trends, growth and... More

Talent Acquisition Technology Ecosystem

15 February 2018

  • Overview of the talent acquisition technology ecosystem
  • Definition and examples of talent acquisition technology categories and concepts
  • Describes state of play

The Impact of Blockchain in Talent Acquisition

13 December 2017

  • Blockchain technology and relevance to staffing explained in report
  • Report profiles various initiatives with direct application to talent acquisition 

Introduction to Sourcing Automation Technologies

4 December 2017

  • Overview of technologies that automate sourcing processes
  • Pricing ranges from free to hundreds of thousands per annum
  • Day to day roles of a sourcer could be completely automated in five years

Job Board Market Report: 2017 Update

19 October 2017

  • List of largest job boards in the world ranked by 2016 revenue
  • Global market size estimate and market share analysis
  • Trends, opportunities, M&A activity in job board market

Introduction to Online Staffing Enabling Technologies

8 August 2017

  • Online staffing enabling technologies (OSET) are mobile apps that let staffing companies private label an on-demand, human cloud service delivery
  • Mix of pure play vendors and human cloud companies that lease underlying software platform 
  • Key trends, vendor landscape, staffing considerations... More