Best Staffing Firms to Work For and Best Staffing Firms to Temp For Surveys
Participate in our annual Best Staffing Firms to Work For and Best Staffing Firms to Temp For surveys. The program is open to companies with staff in the U.S. and U.K. and participating staffing firms receive a complimentary report on employee satisfaction. The best companies will be identified based on the results of an employee engagement survey of staffing firm internal employees and a net promoter score survey of staffing firm temporary and contract employees. SIA honors winners in a variety of size categories in Staffing Industry Review magazine, online and the Grand Prize Winners are announced at the Executive Forum North America each year.

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Staffing Industry Analysts’ List Survey
The Staffing Industry Analysts’ List Survey is used to compile annual staffing firm rankings and opportunity lists. Participants may qualify for our annual "Buyer Shopping Lists," (firms ranked by size within various segment and geographic criteria) as well as lists intended to identify fast-growing staffing firms, firms looking to cooperate in bids for government contracts and to help firms find acquirers looking to purchase. Staffing companies simply provide SIA with revenue data, as specified in the survey. Participation is free.

Staffing Industry Analysts’ Staffing Firm Survey
The Staffing Industry Analysts' Staffing Firm Survey is used to gather information on trends in industry best practices, compensation, M&A activity, operational benchmarking and planned changes.

Staffing Industry Benchmarking Consortium

The Staffing Industry Benchmarking Consortium (SIBC) is managed by Staffing Industry Analysts, and consists of a group of staffing companies – large and small, privately-held and publicly-traded – who confidentially provide Staffing Industry Analysts with their company's financial and operating data so that they, in turn can access aggregated benchmarking data. It is specifically designed for staffing firm CEOs, owners, CFOs, board members, and other senior executives who want an ongoing, timely scorecard on how their specific company's financial and business performance compares to similar staffing companies.

The SIBC survey is implemented twice a year. Participation is open to corporate members only, at no additional charge. Please contact if you would like more information about SIBC.

Staffing Industry Analysts’ Largest and Fastest-Growing Staffing Company Rankings and Opportunity Lists
Using an online application to participate in this survey enables your company to appear in Staffing Industry Analysts' rankings of the largest and fastest-growing staffing companies by region, country or sector, and/or appear in our reports on staffing firms looking to make an acquisition.

Staffing Industry Analysts’ Workforce Solutions Buyer Survey
Our annual survey of workforce solutions managers is used to gauge trends in services used, supplier management strategies, risk mitigation, satisfaction with suppliers, as well as various operating and financial benchmarks and best practices relating to contingent workforce and workforce solutions programs. Companies with more than 1,000 employees are eligible to participate in the survey.

2018 survey opens in May. Please check back for more details.