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Our Free Resources provide you with a small glimpse into the world of Staffing Industry Analysts’ research. We hope you will find the content of value. For those that wish to learn more about the broader and deeper research available through one of our annual subscriptions, please visit our Membership pages for:

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Toward a Total Talent Future

SIA was commissioned by Alexander Mann Solutions to conduct an international survey and research project among HR, Procurement and other workforce professionals to gauge their opinion on talent acquisition and management trends and, in particular, issues relating to the emergence of Total Talent programs. The survey was supplemented with a series of in-depth interviews with leading program executives across multiple industry sectors and geographies to provide deeper insights.

Within this report, you will find insights into where the market is making progress toward a more integrated and unified Total Talent approach across all categories of workers, including the full range of non-employees. Additionally, we report on areas of identified opportunities and operational gaps, coupled with detailed findings about perceptions of Total Talent in the marketplace.


History of the Staffing Industry

If you want to know where you are going, then it’s a good idea to understand where you’ve come from. SIA’s History of the Staffing Industry explores the early origins of the industry through to the modern day providing a unique and comprehensive global perspective. Our History presents a candid picture of the industry, its many successes but also its problems and failures. Our story is one of innovation and risk taking, but also includes heart-warming personal dramas, war heroics, financial and government scandals, bankruptcies, earthquakes and terrorism.


The European Employment Barometer

The European Employment Barometer is an interactive research tool that covers key labor market indicators across 33 countries and enables users to access pertinent insights related to the employment situation and agency work in Europe. With real-time data compiled from Eurostat’s most recent labor market survey, along with findings provided via European staffing associations, the tool can be used to track data and market trends over time and for specific geographies. The Barometer is a joint initiative between SIA and the World Employment Confederation.


Staffing Trends 2019 [PDF - 1.2MB]

Last year, SIA provided an overview to our research members of the most important staffing trends highlighting eight key topics. We have now made the 2019 update available as a Free Resource providing an update on trends and discussing how they are likely to affect the market in 2019. We don’t see any new trends worth noting this year to add to those we identified 12 months ago, however, there have certainly been some interesting new developments of note within existing trends. We have also created a SWOT analysis highlighting the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats the staffing industry currently faces.

The Human Cloud, the Gig Economy & the Transformation of Work

The Human Cloud, the Gig Economy & the Transformation of Work covers key findings, market estimates and detailed insights into SIA’s latest research on the human cloud, arguably the fastest-growing segment of the gig economy. With technology driving transformation across industries and continents, the workforce solutions ecosystem is finding new ways to automate the connection to talent. SIA estimates that total human cloud spending reached $82 million globally in 2017.

Artificial Intelligence and Talent Acquisition: Beyond the Hype
Perhaps no other technology has more acutely captured the attention of the Talent Acquisition (TA) world than the concept of using Artificial Intelligence in the TA cycle. This underlying technology today powers everything from job recommendations and resume parsing to chatbots and everything in between. As this Summary Report will reveal, this is only just the beginning of what’s coming.

Lexicon of Global Workforce-Related Terms

The Lexicon of Global Workforce-Related Terms is an essential guide to the various terminology and acronyms used within the workforce solutions ecosystem. Whether you are new to this environment or a seasoned practitioner, you will still find our Lexicon of tremendous value as it covers a broad range of international terms and with annual updates to include any new terminology that appears in the market. So if you are confused by MSP, VMS, RPO, ATS, FMS, and HRO, want to know the difference between a CDD and a CDI, enter into negotiations for a CLA, or hire a TAW, then browse our brand new Lexicon website or download it in PDF format, and all will become clear.

Total Talent Management [PDF - 1.3MB] 

We believe Total Talent Management (TTM) is the next evolution in workforce procurement but it is a major evolutionary step and one that presents organizations, used to dealing with their work requirements in silos, with huge challenges. Our TTM report is the first global survey on this topic conducted in partnership with ERE Media and which clarifies the perceptions and difficulties to be found in embarking on a TTM approach. It is an invaluable tool for those brave souls seeking a more proactive and holistic approach to their workforce challenges.


Workforce Solutions Ecosystem - Report [PDF - 1.6MB]

This report is the third update to SIA’s Workforce Solutions Ecosystem, initially released in September 2015. Workforce Solutions are third-party products and services relating to the sourcing, engagement and development of employed and non-employed (including contingent) workers. The Workforce Solutions Ecosystem comprises six primary segments: Staffing, Talent Acquisition Technology, Process Outsourcing, Payrolling/Compliance, Direct Work Engagement, and Other Workforce Solutions.

The 2018 edition contains updated market sizes for each segment of the Ecosystem, along with new classifications within the 'Talent Acquisition Technology' segment, the addition of 'Robotic and Robotics Process Automation' as a sub-category, and other adjustments which reflect the rapid evolution of the global marketplace and recent industry changes.

Our Workforce Solutions Ecosystem has proven so popular that many people have asked if they can use it themselves. We’re happy to see our view of the market gain wide adoption and are pleased to provide you with the Ecosystem in a Powerpoint template with an accompanying Image Usage Guide for instructions on the correct way to portray the Ecosystem:

Workforce Solutions Ecosystem - Presentation [PPT - 450KB]

Workforce Solutions Ecosystem - Image Usage Guide [PDF - 2MB]

This report identifies M&A funders and advisors from around the world with 26 in-depth profiles and a  list of 115+ further providers. Use this report to identify M&A firms and understand the nature of their services.

SIAAG Reports

The Staffing Industry Analysts Advisory Group (SIAAG) is a team of representative industry leaders supporting both buyer and supplier communities with a charter to serve as a collaborative forum for sharing and developing best practices, industry standards and priorities related to key strategic initiatives impacting the future of the contingent workforce. SIAAG comprises industry experts representing staffing, IC compliance, consultants, MSP and VMS solutions and buyer organizations across multiple industries. We are pleased to provide you with the selection of SIAAG reports:

What's in the Contingent Worker Bill Rate [PDF - 800KB]

A basic summary of the contingent worker bill rate comprising pay rate, statutory expenses and gross margin. Make sure you understand how staffing suppliers calculate the cost of contingent workers and what is included in that cost.

Contingent Workforce Engagement Best Practices [PDF - 560KB]

SIAAG’s Contingent Workforce Engagement Best Practices guide looks at best practice across a number of contingent workforce actions: request, sourcing, selection, onboarding, assignment management, off-boarding, payrolling as well as the hiring of independent contractors.

Capturing Contingent Worker Data [PDF - 247KB]

The purpose of this document is to provide a basis and recommended best practices for capturing the minimum data that should be included in a Contingent Worker (CW) Job Requisition, as well as the minimum data points that should be maintained by a Contingent Worker Program.

Contingent Workforce VMS Integration Best Practices [PDF - 772KB]

This summary of contingent worker system-to-system integration best practices is for contingent workforce professionals from all arenas; program managers, buyers, solutions providers, consultants and staffing suppliers. It takes you through a set of typical integrations, ranks integration priority, and looks at general integration standards.

Global Readiness Indicator [PDF - 152KB]

This graphic provides talent solutions buyers and providers directional guidance and support in your evaluation of global strategies and general business information relative to global employment conditions and considerations. It poses questions to gauge readiness in four key areas: business case, change management, current program state and compliance and governance.