Industry Partners

Staffing Industry Analysts has strategic alliances with leading companies that have the expertise and knowledge that enable our customers to attain their goals with unique solutions. We are proud to partner with these organizations.


Since 2006, Brightfield has specialized in contingent workers issues and their relation to human capital strategies. If experience has taught us anything, it’s that experience isn’t enough. That scientific approaches and methodologies are only as impactful as the actionable insights that emerge. That hard data no matter how revealing remains merely that unless used to gain company-wide acceptance and engagement. That true value isn’t measured in words but by turning theory into practice and practice into results. From temporary agency workers to independent consultants and everything in between, our Fortune 100 clients rely on Brightfield to craft strategies that make them more competitive. Because in today’s working world, the only thinking that matters is thinking that works.


Founded in 2010 by staffing industry expert Mike Cleland, Charted Path was created to strengthen leadership and management capabilities in the staffing industry. Charted Path’s approach leverages real world scenarios as a learning environment for both managers and executives to teach them how to develop solutions to current as well as unpredictable future problems. Charted Path service offerings include leadership development, performance driven business planning, and operations consulting.


HHMC’s corporate advisory team operate across Australian, New Zealand and South East Asia. Recruitment agencies seeking practical corporate outcomes have benefited from outstanding industry knowledge, M&A capability and professional advisory services. HHMC provides an experienced team with a strong practical background in executive financial and corporate management as well as corporate advisory services.


Staffing America Latina is a unique, independent digital media company specializing in Latin America´s labour markets. It is the meeting point for companies, providers, candidates, service companies, academics and independent professionals of Latin America. Staffing America Latina provides a professional team with a strong background in the staffing industry, advisory services, research and M&A processes in the region. The company produces and spreads content, researches and provides developments about issues such as employability, youth employment, training for employment, decent work, private employment agencies, active policies for employment, teleworking, public and private actions for the creation of decent work, green jobs and corporate social responsibility.


The World Employment Confederation is the authoritative voice of the employment industry at global level, representing labour market enablers in 50 countries and 7 of the largest international workforce solutions companies.

The World Employment Confederation brings unique access to and engagement with international policymakers (ILO, OECD, World Bank, IMF, IOM, EU) and stakeholders (trade unions, academic world, think tanks, NGOs). It is striving for recognition and for the positive economic and social role played by the employment industry in enabling work, adaptation, security and prosperity. Its members provide access to the labour market and meaningful work for more than 50 million people around the world and service to around 5 million organisations on an annual basis.