Archived Webinars

Conquer Your Cash Flow: Using Data Science to Expose Risks in Your Customer Pool

June 25, 2019

Staffing firms work hard to get the right people to their clients quickly. Nothing can be more frustrating to a staffing executive than finding that perfect person, placing them on assignment, having them deliver great work but ultimately realizing that your customer has little ability or interest in... More

How Staffing Agencies Can Open Up New Talent Pools Through Diversity & Inclusion

June 4, 2019

Research has shown that the most innovative companies employ diverse workforces yet many companies are struggling to bring in and retain diverse talent. Learn how to start the roadmap to open this new source of qualified but often overlooked, talent pool.

Preparing your Staffing Company for a World with AI

May 21, 2019

AI is here to stay and you don’t want to be left behind. 

Learn how your peers already using such technology are streamlining processes, improving fill rates and bringing the human element back into staffing.

"Can You Text it to Me?" How Text Messaging Candidates Will Transform Your Business

April 17, 2019

Topics discussed include:

  • How to omni-channel outreach campaigns to increase placements and reduce drop-off and turnover.
  • Design texting strategies, processes, and technology to improve candidate engagement metrics.
  • Use Analytics and Artificial Intelligence to score and track outreach.

5 Tips to Help You Hire Smarter and Adapt to Win in 2019 – February 12, 2019

February 12, 2019

Topics discussed include:

  • New ways to expand candidate pools
  • How to improve candidate experience

How Marketplace Technology Can Help You Engage The Next Generation Of Workers - January 22, 2019

January 22, 2019

Topics discussed include:

  • The state of the gig economy
  • Marketplace Technology Overview
  • EZgig Case Study
  • 3 Tips for Staffing Firms in 2019

How to Win Job Seekers in the New World of Work - August 7, 2018

August 7, 2018

Topics discussed include:

  • Creating a consumer-oriented experience in talent acquisition
  • Developing on-demand talent pools
  • Deploying & engaging those talent pools

Reinvent Your Recruitment Marketing: Take Control to Get More Candidates for Less Money - June 5, 2018

June 5, 2018

Topics discussed include:

  • Navigating shifts in recruitment marketing strategy & technology
  • Taking control of your publisher network with data & optimization
  • Being accountable for results to internal & external stakeholders
  • Filling your candidate funnel without eroding your margins... More

Keeping Talent at the Heart of Your Business: How to Win at Recruiting, Retention and Redeployment - April 17, 2018

April 17, 2018

This webinar covered:

  1. How staffing leaders have prioritized talent engagement and its impact on their P&L
  2. Best practices for capturing and increasing the value created by loyal contractors
  3. Using automation to deliver a more human, personalized and consistent contractor experience

Building Your 2020 Vision–Future-Proofing Your Agency for the 'New World of Work' - February 6, 2018

February 6, 2018

Join Checkr for a roundtable discussion with proven staffing leaders as they discuss top-of-mind questions for agencies in the midst of defining their long-term strategic initiatives.