North American Staffing Webinars

For Staffing Firm Executives and Owners (staffing service suppliers)

  • Staffing Industry Report Webinars – Get monthly industry developments and forecasts from our analysts. These hour-long webinars are included in your Corporate Membership or attend for $199 per webinar if not a Corporate Member.
  • Staffing Thought Leadership Webinars – Discover ideas, techniques and insights from product and solutions experts that will enhance and transform your organization. These thought leadership webinars are a great opportunity to explore change that will achieve measureable results. Join our sponsors in an engaging free, one-hour thought leadership webinar.
  • Special Focus Staffing Webinars – This series of webinars focuses on a variety of topics--latest trends in particular segments of staffing, legislative issues, mergers and acquisitions and best practices related to managing and operating your staffing firm.  The hour-long webinar is included as part of our Corporate Membership. If you're not a Corporate Member, you can attend for $199.
    No special focus staffing webinars are scheduled at this time.

North American Buyer Webinars

For Corporate Managers of Contingent Workforce Programs in HR, Procurement, IT or other business units (staffing service buyers)

  • Buyer Webinars – A series of webinars on relevant contingent labor topics including: IC compliance, SOW, government contracting, vendor neutrality and VMS/MSP. Archived webinars are only available to CWS Council members, however, any buyer of staffing services may attend upcoming webinars at no cost.