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Workforce Solutions Webinar – Start Your Journey on the Total Talent Continuum

Sponsored & Presented by Simplify Workforce:

The concept of Total Talent Management and Acquisition has been on the minds of HR and Procurement leaders for a number of years. Talent shortages, coupled with an increasing appetite for less traditional ways of working, are driving organizations to think more holistically about how they source, develop and retain the diverse spectrum of talent–including professional service providers, consultants, and independent contractors–available to them.

Few organizations have achieved true maturity, with full visibility and control of all talent types and channels. Organizational silos, lack of effective technology solutions and embedded company culture are some of the reasons that limited progress is made–so how do you move forward?

Consider Total Talent Management as a journey, with degrees of maturity along a Total Talent Continuum. In this webinar, we discussed the drivers and framework for Total Talent and how you can get started. Learn techniques on how to assess your organization’s maturity, overcome obstacles and effectively apply technology to generate and sustain a robust, diverse workforce, enabling you to strategically leverage your company’s talent network for the future.

Adrianne Nelson, Sr. Director, Global Membership Products, CCWP, SIA

Neha Goel, SVP, Marketing & Strategy, Simplify Workforce
Jo Matkin, Global Workforce Solutions Research Director, SIA

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