Global Corporate Membership Level 1

Staffing Companies with $10M or less in annual revenue (last completed fiscal year)

Your one-year subscription provides access to the expertise, knowledge, and data of Staffing Industry Analysts, plus a professional network of peers. Corporate Membership covers three regions: North America, Europe and Rest of World. Your global membership gives you access to all three regions.

Membership helps you achieve great results by providing your company with:

  • Personalized intelligence
  • Proprietary tools and research
  • Advisory services from our expert analysts
  • Insights from your peers

If you do not wish to use a credit card, please call Staffing Industry Analysts' Member Services at 1-650-390-6200 or Staffing America Latina at (+54 341) 426 6726. You may scan to or fax to member services at 1-650-390-6210. We will be happy to help you.

Pricing is in USD.

Item Description Quantity Price
Level 1 Global Corporate Membership $1,550.00

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