CCWP Continuing Education Unit (CEU) Submittal Form

CCWP Continuing Education Fact Sheet

The submittal form below is to be used for self-reporting of continuing education credit units earned through participation in industry contingent workforce management educational programs and events. CCWP Certification is initially valid for three years. A total of 24 Continuing Education Credit Units (CEUs) are required in order to maintain your CCWP Certification. These CEUs must be earned during the three year certification time frame.

Review Process

Submittal of the form does not automatically guarantee approval. If the CEU submittal is accepted, your certification record will be updated within two weeks from Staffing Industry Analysts’ receipt of this form and you will be notified via email.

CCWP Continuing Education Units (pre-approved events)

  • Staffing Industry Analysts Conferences - 3 credits each
    Buyer Conferences:
    CW Solutions Forum  |  CWS Summit North America  |  CWS Summit Europe  |  CWS Summit Asia Pacific
    Staffing Conferences:
    Executive Forum North America  |  Executive Forum Europe  |  Healthcare Staffing Summit
  • Staffing Industry Analysts Webinars - 1 credit each
    Buyer Webinars: North America Buyer Webinar  |  Europe Buyer Webinar
    Staffing Webinars: North America Staffing Webinar  |  Europe Staffing Webinar
  • CWS Council Meeting
    In-Person - 2 credits each  |  Teleconference - 1 credit each
  • Other Industry-related Conferences - 2 credits each
    ASA Staffing World  |  ASA Staffing Law Conference  |  TechServe Alliance Conference and Tradeshow
  • Other Industry-related Webinars - 1 credit each
    ASA Webinars  |  TechServe Alliance Webianrs
  • Panelist or Speaker at a Staffing Industry Analysts Conference or Webinar - 2 credits each
  • Publish a "Knowledge Leadership" article in Staffing Industry Analysts' CWS 3.0 Newsletter or Staffing Stream Blog* - 2 credits each
  • Publish a "Knowledge Leadership" article in Staffing Industry Analysts' Staffing Industry Review magazine* - 4 credits each
  • Author and Publish an industry white paper** - 2 credits each
  • Execute Staffing Industry Analysts Program Maturity Assessment (PMA) - 4 credits each
  • Other related Contingent Workforce Knowledge Events - credits to be approved by Staffing Industry Analysts on a case-by-case basis

* SI Review, Staffing Stream & CWS 3.0 articles submittals are subject to Staffing Industry Analysts’ editorial rules and management business policies before accepted for publication.

** Special Staffing Industry Analysts review and approval required for this CEU credit.

CCWP Continuing Education/Recertification Applicant Information:

CCWP Continuing Education Credits Submittal Form

CCWP Continuing Education Credits Submittal Form