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Certified Contingent Workforce Professional (CCWP) - FAQs

What is the Certified Contingent Workforce Professional program?
Staffing Industry Analysts Certified Contingent Workforce Professional (CCWP) is an accreditation program designed for HR, procurement, solution providers and others who manage corporate contingent/temporary staffing resources. The CCWP Certification assesses and expands the level of expertise of participants to create an elite brand of Contingent Workforce (CW) program management professionals.

Why does Staffing Industry Analysts offer a certification program?
As the global advisor on contingent work, Staffing Industry Analysts believes there needs to be a set of minimum competency standards in the industry. The goal is to allow those who complete this certification process to validate their mastery in a broad body of knowledge related to managing a contingent workforce.

Why should I get certified?

Achieving Staffing Industry Analysts’ Certified Contingent Workforce Professional designation is an unbiased barometer of your CW program management skills and knowledge. It documents your mastery in the area of contingent workforce program management. The CCWP designation enables you to show your value to your company, your colleagues, your clients and your peers. Attaining a CCWP Certification validates your CW management expertise, and sets you apart from the rest.

Who should get certified?

The Certified Contingent Workforce Professional program is designed for HR managers, procurement managers, solution provider staff and anyone involved in managing corporate contingent staffing.

Are there pre-requisites for certification?
Yes, you must either have a 4-year university degree or a 3-5 year non-administrative role in HR, procurement, or with a solution provider that manages corporate contingent labor.

Is there a logo associated with the CCWP program?
Yes. Once you pass the exam, you are a Certified Contingent Workforce Professional and have usage rights to the CCWP logo. Upon certification, the logo will be emailed to you.

How long is the CCWP designation good for?
Three years.

Am I allowed to record the class?
No, recording is not allowed. However, the class is available online, and you will be able to view the online version of the class.

Do I receive a certification designation for passing the exam?
Yes. Once we receive your exam results, we’ll update your account with your new credentials. Your designation will be processed at the same time and should arrive in the mail within six to eight weeks.

Is continuing education required after I receive my certification?
Yes, continuing education is required to renew certification.

What if I have additional questions regarding certification?
For further questions please contact us at

How much does the CCWP Certification class cost?
The CCWP Certification class offers discounted rates for Staffing Industry Analysts Corporate Members or Council Members. This price includes access to the class, class materials, the CCWP Student Study Guide and access to the certification exam. Please see CCWP rate schedules.

How do I register for the CCWP Certification and a specific class option?
Visit and choose either the in-person or online class.

What is the payment policy?
You submit your registration through Staffing Industry Analysts’ website. Payment is by credit card. Please ensure you enter any discount codes that you might have on the registration page.
 All purchases of the CCWP class are non-refundable. Class enrollment substitutions are acceptable, however any substitution must be approved by Staffing Industry Analysts and the Customer must notify Staffing Industry Analysts within 5 business days prior to the class start date in order to receive all necessary event communications. 

What is the in-person cancellation policy?

  1. Cancellation notices must be submitted in writing to Staffing Industry Analysts no less than 14 business days in advance of the class start date. Cancellation notices can be emailed to, faxed to 650-390-6210 or mailed to Staffing Industry Analysts, 1975 W. El Camino Real, Suite 304, Mountain View, CA 94040. Staffing Industry Analysts is not responsible for any error in delivery of the cancellation notice.
  2. If a CCWP class is cancelled by the customer, a credit will be issued and may be applied toward a future CCWP in-person class (if available), online class or a future Staffing Industry Analysts event. Staffing Industry Analysts cannot issue refunds. Customer may reschedule up to 14 calendar days prior to the start date of the class currently registered. If customer cancels less than 14 days in advance, customer will have the option of attending an online only class or forfeit the registration fee.
  3. Staffing Industry Analysts reserves the right to reschedule or cancel the date, time and location of CCWP classes at any time, including replacing personnel who may be scheduled to deliver the class. In the event a certification class is cancelled, the Customer is entitled to a full refund. If a class is postponed, the Customer will be able to transfer the registration to the rescheduled class. Staffing Industry Analysts shall not be responsible for any other loss incurred by the Customer as a result of a cancellation or reschedule.
  4. If a CCWP class is cancelled by Staffing Industry Analysts due to circumstances beyond its reasonable control (e.g. weather, natural disaster), the Customer is entitled to a full credit which may be used for another class offered by Staffing Industry Analysts or to a future Staffing Industry Analysts event. Staffing Industry Analysts is at no time and in no way responsible for expenses incurred by class participants including, but not limited to, travel, hotel accommodations, meals (other than stated), transportation and other incidental charges. Prices are subject to change without notice. Staffing Industry Analysts reserves the right to accept or reject any customer registration at Staffing Industry Analysts’ sole discretion.

What is the online cancellation policy?
Online class registrations are final. No cancellation or refund is available. Access is granted to class materials upon registration and receipt of payment.

What is the class like?
The class consists of 11 learning modules. Each module focuses on a specific subject that addresses real-world scenarios. Facilitators will use a variety of lectures, training exercises and quizzes to review the subject matter at hand.

What is the difference between taking the class in-person or online?
There is no difference between the in-person and online programs in content. The difference relates primarily to your personal preference and learning style. The in-person class affords the ability to form study groups, ask and receive answers to questions during the class, and benefit from the practical experience brought by the class facilitators. The online program provides content without travel costs, an opportunity to take the certification program immediately and the ability to work at your own pace.

How long is the in-person class?
The class is two days, 8:30am to 5:00pm each day.

After I sign up for an online class, how long do I have to complete it?
Once you receive confirmation of your online registration, you have 90 days to complete the class, take and pass the exam.

Which resources will I have access to for the online class?
 Upon registration, all CCWP applicants will be given a username and password with access to videos of the 11 class modules, PowerPoint slides, Participant Guide and Student Study Guide. You will have online access to all the materials for 6 months. You will be able to email any questions you have about the class to A subject matter expert will answer your questions within 24 hours.

How long does it take to complete each module?
The length of each module ranges from 60 to 120 minutes.

Do I have to complete the in-person class in order to take the exam?
No, you have the option to take the class in-person or online.

During the online class, how do I get my questions answered?
For further questions please contact us at A subject matter expert will answer your questions within 24 hours.

When is the online class available?
The online class is available 24/7, 365 days a year.

Once I start the exam, can I log out and then log back in?
No. Once you start the exam you have 2.5 hours to complete it. While you can navigate back and forth to previous completed or skipped questions during your 2.5 hour exam session, you CANNOT log out of the exam and then log back in. We do not think it will take you the full 2.5 hours, but we want to make sure you give yourself uninterrupted time to take and complete the exam.

How much does the exam cost?
The exam cost is included with your registration fee. If you don’t pass the exam and have to retake the test outside of the 90 day period, there is a retake fee of $195.

What is the format of the exam?
The exam will include a mix of multiple choice, multiple response and true/false questions. There are no essay questions. The exam will be administered online and must be taken within 90 days of completion of the in-person class or 90 days after registering for the online class.

How long is the exam?
You will be given 2.5 hours to complete the exam.

What are the requirements for passing the exam?
The CCWP exam is a pass or fail exam. Participants will be provided a pass or fail result within 10 days of completing the exam.

What is the exam retake policy?
If you fail the exam, you get one additional chance to retake it, but it must be taken within the original 90 Day Test Window period issued with your CCWP Certification registration.

What if I don’t pass the exam after two tries?
If you want to take the exam after two failed tries, you must pay an additional $195 and will get one additional attempt with a new 90 Day Test Window period.

After the class, when do I take the exam?
For either class, after you complete the class, you will be given a web link that will allow you to take the exam online. You have 90 days to take the exam and the 90 Day Test Window period begins when you receive confirmation of your CCWP Certification online program registration or completion of the in-person class.

When do I receive my exam results?
A pass/fail result will be provided to you 10 days after you complete and submit your CCWP exam.

Do I need separate materials to study for the exam?
No, the class and class materials will provide you with all the information you need to study and prepare for the exam.

Can I get a detailed report of my exam answers?
No. To maintain the integrity of the CCWP Certification exam, the answers to the test questions are not provided.