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Google mandates minimum wage, full benefits for temps

April 03, 2019

Google will require its contracted and temporary workforce in the US receive full benefits, including comprehensive health care, paid parental leave and a $15 minimum wage, The Hill reported.

Citing an internal memo from Eileen Naughton, Google’s VP of people operations, The Hill reported Google is giving the “suppliers” — companies that employ the temporary workers and contractors — until January to institute the minimum wage requirements. However, suppliers have until 2022 to institute comprehensive health care benefits.

If the suppliers fail to offer healthcare, minimum wage and paid family leave to their employees by that deadline, a Google spokeswoman told The Hill they would no longer “be able to provide talent to Google.”

The Tech Workers Coalition, which works with existing movements for social justice, workers’ rights, and economic inclusion, praised the news, but criticized the delayed implementation.

“Today @google informed [temps, vendors and contractors, or TVCs] of a change in policy in how they will be treated. These changes matter, and they came about because of months and years of organizing by Google workers — FTE and TVC alike,” the group tweeted. “However, details matter too. The $15 minimum wage requirement doesn’t come into effect til 2020 and health benefits not til 2022. Changes announced today apply to no one working right now — but workers can’t wait years to pay rent, see doctors and care for their families.”

Google’s memo followed an article yesterday in The Guardian, which reported that more than 900 Google workers signed a letter objecting to the company’s treatment of temporary contractors, in what organizers are calling a “historical coalition” between Google’s full-time employees and TVCs. According to the letter signed by the 900 Google workers, TVCs make up 54% of Google’s global workforce.

Google contract workers in December demanded equal treatment and better compensation in a letter sent to CEO Sundar Pichai. 


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