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Ireland, Sweden and Denmark Rank as Most Attractive Staffing Markets

Annual Report Details Strengths and Weaknesses of Staffing Markets Globally

Mountain View, California — March 6, 2019 — Staffing Industry Analysts (SIA), the global advisor on staffing and workforce solutions, has issued its 2019 report on the Most Attractive Staffing Markets Globally. Sixty different staffing markets were assessed across six continents. The findings of this annually compiled report cover both emerging and established staffing markets, and attractiveness is identified according to ten different criteria.

This year’s report ranked Ireland as the most attractive staffing market, followed by Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Malaysia. All these markets display some strong growth prospects and have individual advantages that staffing firms wishing to expand internationally may find relevant to their particular business case.

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Canada stands out as the most attractive market in the Americas region, followed by the United States and Argentina. In Asia, Malaysia remained the most attractive staffing market, followed by China and Japan. The least attractive markets included in the analysis were Nigeria and Algeria, due in part to relatively small size, unfavorable business environment and high level of political instability. While countries with lower rankings may present additional challenges, they should not be considered ‘unattractive’ as they are generally among the more immature markets that, by nature, offer the most long-term growth potential.

“We have highlighted a number of markets that stand out as attractive targets for future expansion,” said David Papapostolou, Senior Research Analyst at SIA. “This year, we have also segmented the results of our analysis by region, in order to offer our readers the possibility to easily compare staffing markets that are geographically close.”

Markets that have become more attractive this year as compared to the 2018 analysis include China and Australia.

The full report is available for SIA Corporate and CWS Council Members, along with the Excel-based Market Attractiveness Assessment Tool (MAAT). The MAAT allows users to conduct their own assessment based on the indicators that they perceive as most relevant to their business activities.

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