Matt Norton, CCWP

Senior Research Analyst

Matt Norton

Matt Norton is part of the European research team at Staffing Industry Analysts. He has produced reports on various countries’ staffing sectors with specific focus on the growing Rest of the World market. He holds a BA in History from the Royal Holloway, University of London and a masters’ degree in International Relations from the London School of Economics. Since leaving University, Matt has worked in a number of research roles for a current affairs publication, a high-profile public policy think-tank and, more recently for the Hillebrand Group, a multinational logistics company.

Research Focus: Argentina | Australia & NZ | Chile | Germany & Austria | Philippines | South Africa

Recent Articles

Engineering temporary workers’ insights

September 24, 2018

We discuss a few examples of noticeable challenges (and opportunities) for the engineering staffing industry drawn from SIA’s annual survey of roughly 4,000 US temporary workers.

Staffing Industry Report Webinar - September 2018

September 12, 2018

  • Watch the full, one-hour webinar on demand (available to corporate members only)
  • US Staffing Industry Forecast
  • Gross Margin Report and US Geo Atlas

US Staffing Industry Forecast: September 2018 Update

September 11, 2018

  • US staffing industry forecast to grow 3% in 2018 and 3% in 2019
  • Trends vary by occupational segment, from declines in office/clerical to high single digit expansion in locum tenens and marketing/creative
  • US staffing industry expected to reach $152 billion next year

Largest Global Engineering Staffing Firms

August 27, 2018

  • Report ranks 20 firms that generated $180 million or more in global engineering staffing revenue last year
  • Added together, the 20 firms generated $12.2 billion in such revenue
  • The report provides market share data

Engineering temporary staffing forecast gets upgrade

June 26, 2018

In our April forecast update, we project revenue in the US engineering temporary staffing market to grow by 4% this year, an upgrade from our 3% forecast in September.

Global Staffing Industry Market Estimates and Forecast: May 2018 Update

May 31, 2018

  • Global staffing industry generated USD 461 billion of revenue in 2017
  • We project 7% growth this year and 6% next year, both on a constant-currency basis
  • Seven of the 17 largest markets projected to grow by double-digits this year, no decliners

MSP Model Overview

May 21, 2018

  • This report outlines MSP models that can be used successfully in 22 of the main staffing markets across the globe
  • There is no one-size-fits-all MSP solution, and hirers should conduct risk and impact assessments before selecting the right models for different countries

Staffing Industry Report Webinar - May 2018

May 9, 2018

  • Watch the full, one-hour webinar on demand (available to corporate members only)
  • US staffing industry forecast update
  • Pay rate rangefinder demo, and more

US Staffing Industry Forecast: April 2018 Update

April 18, 2018

  • US staffing market projected to top $150 billion in revenue this year
  • We forecast US temporary staffing revenue growth to accelerate from 3% in 2017 to 4% in 2018
  • Trends vary by occupational segment, from declines in office/clerical to double-digit growth in locum tenens

Executive Forum delegates positive on engineering staffing with one caveat

March 20, 2018

Engineering has been one of the slowest-growing professional staffing sectors globally over the past few years, yet delegates at our recent conference in Miami Beach, Fla., were positive on their long-term forecast for the sector.